Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service / discrimination at aurora co. store

Aurora, CO, United States

The incident happened On 08/25/2017 17:59 my son went into the Costco store located on 1471 S. Havana St. Aurora, Co 80012 to purchase his medications.
He was refused entry to the store . He was told that Costco store policy does not allow backpacks. However the policy states that you have to allow inspection which my son offered immediately.
The assistant manager came by and lied about the policy my son pointed it out and then was allowed entry. The backpack contains necessary medication and he let them know this. Other customers came in with big bags and were not questioned.
My family makes a combined income of about $400, 00 a year and we had chosen Costco because we don't support Sams Club or its affiliates. We used to spend a large amount of money there before this incident. We have not returned since then and will not be doing so. I have made my personal and numerous business contacts aware of this and they too will not be shopping there. I will just give my business to deserving companies like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. They are continuously friendly and provide great customer service.
Costco should train their staff better in policy and customer service. My son was stereotyped because of his look, he is a bit darker skinned than I am and because he carries a backpack that contains vital medication. This is both medical and racially motivated discrimination. I will be reporting this to the ACLU as it is in inappropriate and unfair.
Thank you.

Paulina Gonzalez

Sep 19, 2017

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