Costcocashier mistakes!

He Jan 31, 2015 Houston Review updated:

There is no customer service for complaint on the website or phone options that i can contact with someone? I shopped at costco houston richmond store today and met a terrible situation. I shopped with my 4 year old daughter together and bought a lot of stuffs (15 items in total) and i am using self - check service and one cashier helps me scan all the stuffs and i am very appreciated at that time. Then when my daughter showed our receipt at the exit they found us 2 packs of milk missed check out!!!And let us return back to recheck it! Please noticed there are lines of people watching us! And judge what's happening to those asian people!!! I couldn't even explain since all people just don't trust us!!! Being as a retail store, i don't know how many times you have met people intentionally doing so called"missed check - out cases" but this is the first time, and there was nobody there try to help me and my young daughter out!! I felt extremely embarrassing and my daughter keeps asking why? And i tried to find someone help and they don't even trust you. I want to know, where is the cashier who made this terrible mistake???If she shows up and made - up the whole thing, i wouldn't being so much embarrassed and disappointed!!!Because of you costco employees mistakes, we have to afford people's judge and untrust and don't forget all happens in front of my young daughter.

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      Feb 23, 2015

    what ever all receipts are check it not about race when they are checking the receipts that call doing there job that must be your insecurity bringing up race so what area you tripping about we all make mistakes no on is prefect not even you I am sure if you have a job you have made a mistake as well so don't think that the cashier is perfect nothing is please don't teach your little 4 yr old daughter how to be a brat like her mother who is complaining about nothing

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