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03-29-17 afternoon

I attempted to pick up my husbands bp meds...I asked to speak to the person in charge before paying. We are going out of town...And i was picking up his meds early. My experience is that insurance honors the insured price. We travel frequently on business.
Dr patel asked me when and where are travel destination was...I replied excuse me...She told me "they" needed to know...And it would take hours on the phone to ok...
I said to my self god-dam...Dr patel loudly replied i don't have to hear language like that...I told her that is my language not hers...And it was not said to her nor directed at her.
She promptly picked up the phone and called security...
Security arrived and asked me what the problem was. I told them i thought dr patel was going to call the insurance company...Calling security was her way of refusing. Security left and i stood there for 15 minutes...Dr patel made no attemp to speak to me...
I find this customer service technique outrageous...This person needs to be written up and face mandatory counseling with a shrink.

Kathy hamrick-calvert

Mar 30, 2017

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