Cosmoconstant low/no inventory & inconstant policies

When Cosmo Prof bought my local Peer Less beauty I was skeptical but decided to wait for a few months before complaining. The change now several months in has proved frustrating in every way. EVERY time I go in to purchase something from the deal sheet it is out of stock. Can you tell me why this is? How hard is it to keep an inventory full? If you sell out of the deals in the first week this should tell you something. Hint: buy more. It isn't rocket science but you would think so when it comes to the inventory and policies at the new Spanish Fork, Utah store.
When I first discussed my concerns with the store manager she assured me that I could still order the product I wanted and just pay for it that day insuring my price. Then when I came back in to retrieve my product they had sold it! yes, the product I had already purchased. Then a few weeks later when I went back in for the next month's deals, which were, big surprise, sold out, they told me they could not order product in which I paid for because it would "mess with their inventory". The inventory is a mess alright. Yesterday was the second "customer appreciation day" where I went in to buy my products with the extra 10% off but of course, none of the products were in stock. And while they said they could possibly order them in, this means I will not get the extra 10% off. I definitely do not feel appreciated at this store . The next closest beauty supply is in Provo but will be worth the drive because they actually order in plenty of inventory so that when you make the effort to go to their store, you can purchase the products in their deal sheet. What a concept! If this were a problem one or two times I would not even bother with this post, which will probably go unread by Cosmo Prof, but it is EVERY SINGLE time I go in. Here's to hoping Salon Centrix or really ANY other beauty supply comes to south Utah county.

Dec 11, 2018

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