[Resolved] Cosmedical Group / Cosmetic Medical Laser Inventory Stolen

5 Beaverton, OR, United States

Attention cosmetic laser dealers/brokers, doctors, medspas - the following laser inventory is missing investor collateral - owned by private investor & missing - do not buy!!!

The following devices & serial numbers were being negotiated to "consign" to cosmedical group, cosmedical spa, peachtree city ga & redstone holdings, llc, beaverton oregon. Items were picked up by cosmedical group representative bobby mckee or shipped to ga under the direction of randy wright, to meet requirements for consignment agreement, for cosmedical group's insurance policy. Randy wright instructed representative & owner of, proposed consignment devices, "all devices must be under one roof in peachtree city, ga facility for insurance auditors to verify assets & match sn's to meet requirements of insurance company". Investors representative was told that the devices had already been listed under the policy, therefore we risked "criminal implications" for insurance fraud if the devices were not accounted for at the location stated in ga. This was a requirement of cosmedical for the "consignment agreement" being negotiated. Once insurance auditors verified assets & included under cosmedical group's insurance policy, cosmedical group would issue "security agreements" to the investor/owner of the inventory & provide formal contract outlining terms of the joint venture agreement being discussed. Investor/owner was told the consigned assets would be backed (& documentation provided) by "all assets" of cosmedical group & also personally by its primary investor/partner victor & ruben azrak (Brooklyn, ny). Once items were inventoried at ga facility of cosmedical group by "insurance auditors" the required documentation, promised by cosmedical group & its partners, was not provided, after being promised multiple times. Repeated attempts to locate & retrieve inventory has been unsuccessful & the legal owner, now considers the inventory "stolen" & is taking legal action to effectuate possession. Furthermore, consignee, cosmedical group, has sold nearly $200, 000 (At cost) of encumbered inventory & refused to pay agreed profit & principle to consignor, the legal owner. Without verification of location & their current disposition, devices are considered stolen. Any person purchasing an item in this inventory, will be in possession of encumbered or stolen property & held legally responsible. The cosmedical group partners responsible include. Randy wright (Peachtree city ga), charles (Chuck) mclawhorn (Beaverton, or) & victor azrak (Brooklyn ny). It is unknown who cosmedical group engaged to sell encumbered devices, or if this party is aware the items are not legally owned by cosmedical group. This post will be updated as new information becomes available & duplicated on all industry sites, in an attempt to identify missing inventory & warn potential buyers of possible legal exposure. As of 1-23-14 the below inventory is considered "stolen", since the whereabouts & disposition, cannot be verified. No accusations are being proffered at this time & this post is strictly intended to instruct the cosmetic industry to assist in locating or returning the missing inventory. If anyone has information or details the items, please contact the representative of legal owner/investor jason richerson @ [protected], all identities will be kept confidential. Cosmedical group or cosmedical spa, its representatives/owners randy wright, charles (Chuck) mclawhorn, or victor azrak have never been given the legal right or authorization to sell, trade, or transfer any of the devices listed below & have been instructed to return the items. Cosmedical group never provided the "security agreements" & legal documentation to secure a consignment or joint venture agreement, thus by default, terminating negotiations & any interim verbal agreement between parties. The legal owner has detailed documentation of condition, accessories, & confirmation documented that devices were received by cosmedical group in peachtree city, ga. Please be aware & verify serial numbers, location, & selling parties identity before purchasing any cosmetic laser or device to ensure you are not purchasing a stolen or encumbered asset as anyone in possession will be pursued for recovery. I am seeking resolution with randy wright & cosmedical group but no one at the company will provide any accountability or even address. My goal is to recover investor assets that I have been trying to get returned since sept. 2014. If anyone has purchased an item on this list please contact me through counsel's address above.

The details for all missing inventory is listed below, w. Serial numbers.

Cosmedical Group
Cosmedical Group
Cosmedical Group

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    I have been contacted by the owner & we are making arrangements to resolve the issues immediately & I would like this removed immediately. Please remove at this time

Jan 28, 2015

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