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we purchased a 2014 corvette (1g1yd3d72E5119963) with exterior damage to the paint and conv top., from Copart insurance auctions. After repairing the vehicle, it was discovered that the DIC digital instrument cluster was intermitant. After performing a software upgrade, the DIC failed . An attempt to order and or locate a new replacement was met by the dealer telling us that ( pt # [protected])there was no DIC available from the dealer, and we would have to contact the cluster manufacturer to obtain a remanufactured cluster.
After contacting the mfg., we were told that there was none in the system that we could purchase.
This vehicle has 813 miles on it . It was out of service for over a year. This car was NOT involved in a collision . Only cosmetic damage. All other systems are working as they should.
This vehicle was assigned a salvage certificate, which will receieve a reconstructed title.
We are not expecting a warranty replacement, We are simply looking to purchase a replacement.
This vehicle is not even 3 years old and we can not even buy a replacement part.
I have been in the Corvette business for over thirty years, and have never been told that I could not BUY a replacement part for a vehicle that was less than 3 yrs old.

Corvettes Unlimited LLC
Corvettes Unlimited LLC
Corvettes Unlimited LLC

Nov 10, 2016

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