Corters Flooring America & Clear Lake Lumber / POWDER POST BEETLES IN NEW FLOORING

1 COLLEGE AVE, State College, PA, United States

We built a new home 9 months ago. The last thing installed in our home was the hard wood flooring. We purchased 3/4 inch Hickory, tongue and groove from Corters Flooring America, State College, PA (manufactured by Clear Lake Lumber of PA). After 7 -8 months in our home, we have discovered numerous 1/8 -1/4 inch exit holes accompanied by piles of sawdust throughout our flooring. Two Pest Control Specialists and an Urban Entomologist from PSU have determined them to be Powder Post Beetles. It is the opinions of the experts that the only way these beetles could possibly be coming from the flooring is if the larvae was present at installation and is now emerging into adults, exiting the flooring through the holes. We are filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and are looking for other customers with similar complaints.

Can you help us get the word out??

Corters Flooring America & Clear Lake Lumber
Corters Flooring America & Clear Lake Lumber

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