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I dealt with this company in May of 08 and things went great, we needed to move again in November of 08 so we decided to use them again. When we moved in May we had a little over 7500 pounds and were charged for our actual weight, after speaking to the service rep I told here I had less then what we had in May because we were leaving a lot behind and packed a lot in our vehicles so she told me we will estimate 7500 pounds and then if its less you will be charged for the amount you have.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grand Rapids, MIBetween May and November they had changed there contract and instead of charging only for the weight I had they charged for the weight of the estimate and then refund a fraction of that. My point on this is had I know that I would have never agreed to the amout estimated because I knew we had a lot less weight. Now I have requested that the manager call me and I am still waiting, bottom line is customer service here is not good. All they care about is their money once they have it they no longer need to treat you with any kind of respect.

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      Apr 27, 2009

    at this time most of the moving companies...looks like rats...they looking for money...they don t care...a bout your furniture...all them have insurance ...haha!...60 cents per pound...if you want moving services don t go with the first, don t go with the low rate, don t go with the new companies...and when you are ready get a estimate...!IMPORTANT!!!...all your items have to be pack, mirrors, glasses, all fragile items have to be ready before the movers get to the house, town home, aparment...if not your moving rate is goin to be expensive...moving is hard, also for the movers if you are on the 3rd floor with no elevator, also if the movers do a great job...don t forget to give them ...TIP!!!

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