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I'm the founder and member of an organization called Citizens United Against Corporate Corruption. Posting here under my favorite "handle" I thinking about changing it permanently to "corporate raider." Seems all of Corporate America has gotten meaner and meaner since our economy has really struggled. In our minds there's five companies who come to the head of the class. Our selections might surprise people, so I'll give an explanation for each pick:

1. Forest City Enterprises: They are the worst of the worst, because they go way beyond the normal greed associated with Corporate America. Most big companies will get subsidies at the taxpayers expense. However, these monsters will use their clout to ruin the individual lives of people they don't like. I should know, I was one of their victims. I blame the death of two of my close friends on this horrible company. Whatever you do, don't live on one of their properties.

2. Peanuts Corporation: Not much explanation needed here. Thankfully they got caught.

3. Target Stores: Working along the same lines as Peanuts Corporation, but their methods are a lot slower. Has given the public window dressing, but are continuing to use PVC on all their packaging. This is a poisonous chemical which has finally angered the public enough to petition their stores What's the government doing about it? Nothing. Slow poison is okay as long as you keep the campaign contributions coming in.
Another little tidbit: Target doesn't pay injury claims. So, don't get hurt in one of their stores.

4. Merrill Lynch: Doesn't matter that you got bought out by Bank of America. We'll never forget you. Out of all the rotten stock tips you gave us INTENTIONALLY your best one was giving me Microsoft about three hours before it became public knowledge they were being sued by the government. I guess we can call it "insider trading in reverse."

5. Allstate Insurance: This one makes our top five in large part, because they still have a deceptively good reputation. They are right down there with the worst substandard companies in the nation. They say they're the "good hands people?" Make that the "take us to court people." It's the only way you'll get your claim settled.

Well, that's all for now. But in our ever changing world our top five could change next month. Safe to say though, our top pick will stay at the top until they go out of business.

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  • Be
      16th of Oct, 2009
    Corporate America - Raising Prices
    All of Them: Corporate America
    United States

    I say take notice of every company that raise their prices, durning this hard time in America. They are the Wolfs in Sheep clothing...They can not be trusted. NEVER, NEVER buy from them again.

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  • Va
      8th of Feb, 2010

    Let me voted for Obama.

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