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Cornerstone Catering Alias Luaus Of Cornerstone / Service not provided and no refund was issued

1 Fredericksbur, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 540 548 1409

I am a Sales Manager for Winchester Homes in Fredericksburg Virginia.
Annually we host an event for our current homeowners to say Thank You.
On 17 September 2008 I inquired through many sources but found a Caterer,
via internet, local in Fredericksburg who appeared to have a good menu. I
contacted this caterer, Cornerstone Catering (Owner Rob Littlejohn) who was very
pleasant. I mentioned what I was looking for which was a menu no more than $800
and primarily main courses vs many sides. After discussion we mutually agreed
verbally and via email a menu that fit what we were looking for which was 5
entrees for $735.
Rob then said he would stop in on 19 September 2008 and bring the
necessary paperwork/contract. On 19 September 2008 I, Adam Grams, signed the
contract and due to less than 2 weeks from the event Rob said he needed the full
amount which was $735. I gave him a personal check for $735 which was cashed on
19 September 2008.
In the weeks that followed Rob called a few times to confirm the event and
he would drop off the entrees no later than 11 am on 27 September 2008. On the
day of the event 27 September Rob called at 10:30 am and said he would not be
able to drop off the entrees but another driver is on their way. He also
mentioned both his parents were ill and he needed to take them to the hospital
and would not be able to reach him on his cell but he would frequently try and
reach me to insure everything was okay.
My assistant, Alfreda Newton and I waited patiently from 10:30 am until
12:30 pm but no one called, emailed, faxed, or stopped by. I tried frequently
to call Robs 571 cell phone and left several messages. I also tried calling the
fax # on the web site but strangely enough the fax [protected]) did not turn
on but a voice mail with a last name which was not the company nor Littlejohn.
I also sent an email. Note: In my kitchen I had 6 chafing dishes heating up
waiting for the entrees.
At 12:30 pm I couldnʼt wait any longer since our event was starting at 1
pm. I proceeded to go to the Cornerstone Catering address listed on at 22 Brown Circle (approx. 15 minutes from my office). When I
knocked on the door the step daughter of the ex-wife answered the door. She
mentioned that Rob no longer lives at this address. She called her step mom who
I heard say he hasnʼt lived there for 1.5 years and this is the second time
someone has stopped by with an issue. The ex-wife also said he is now living
with his parents.
Because Rob was no longer living there I left. After arriving back at my
event I called my Supervisor asking for advise whether or not to purchase more
food. In any event, I went into the event explaining to each person one on one
what had happened which was humiliating to say the least. (Chafing dishes and no
entrees anywhere)
At 2:30 pm Rob finally called and sounded upset that no one has shown. He
said he would call the cell # of the driver. I asked for the cell # but Rob
said he could not give that out. After discussion Rob then said he will
reimburse me with a cashier check first thing 9:30 am on Monday 29 September
2008. At this point the entrees are no where to be found.
On Monday, 29 September 2008, at 10:30 am Rob has still not shown with a
Cashier check. I called and left a message. I then called again at 11:15 am
and Rob answered. He said he deposited a check on Friday, 26 September 2008.
but the clerk said it will take until 2 pm the following business day to be
cleared. Rob then said he will drop off the check on Tuesday, 30 September

I called frequently on Tuesday 30 September 2008 on Rob 571 cell with no
answer; several messages were left. Later in the day the Spotsylvania Sheriff
called and left a message. Rob called the Sheriff back and on Robs 3rd attempt
to find out why a Sheriff is calling the Sheriff explained the reason for the
call was due to the complaint form Adam at Winchester Homes. Rob mentioned to
the Sheriff his accounts are frozen because of the ex-wife. Rob said he will
get the refund to Adam within the next couple of days. I spoke to Rob soon
after, 3:28 pm, and Rob said the same with the account issues and he would do
his best to pay me back. I then asked for Robʼs home address which is listed
below. He said he doesnʼt operate out his catering from home but rents space.

On 30 September, the next step was to file a complaint with the General
District Court in Spotsylvania County which was done and a court date has been
set for 3 December ($53 expense to file). I called Rob one last time on 30 Sept
to see if he would reimburse the $735 but he had another excuse that he was
waiting on a letter to unfreeze his frozen accounts so he could pay me. I
mentioned I could not wait and now he would have to pay the General District
Court to include the $53 fee and 6% interest. He said okay.

The following days I then called the Health Departments in Spotsylvania County
(Lisa Hill EH Supervisor
Rappahannock Area Health District [protected] ext. 110) who said she issued
Temporary Foodservice Permits to Cornerstone Catering in the past but this is a
permit that is good for a limited time (up to 14 days) for a specific event or
festival. Since Rob moved to Orange with his parents I checked with Charles
Shepherd District Environmental health manager in Orange & Sorrounding
counties. Charles email me back and said In reference to Cornerstone catering
and Mr. Rob Littlejohn, our representatives visited 2670 Constitution Hwy, near
Roadesville in Orange County and spoke to Rob Littlejohn. He stated he
wasn't aware that he needed a permit. He was advised of the application
process and the pre-requisites to acquire same. There didn't appear to
be a catering operation at that residence. He said he operated from several
points of distribution. He did say he was working on a remedy for
"your situation". He does not currently, nor has he held a
Restaurant Permit from any office in the Rappahannock/Rapidan Health District
(Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock Counties).
I found Robs comments interesting since Lisa said above he had a temporary
permit in 2005.
One other # I emailed was Switzer company who developed the web site for
Cornerstone Catering. I explained to Switzer that the fax # didnʼt belong to
Cornerstone Catering and the fax # that WAS on the Cornerstone Catering web
site. The fax # was no longer the correct fax # but belonged to a family who
has been receiving countless creditors calls. Switzer sent me an email back
that they removed the fax # from the Web site.
This matter is very personal since Rob Littlejohn did not appear to have any
intention to provide servious and left me all alone with many homeowners who
were actually not bothered. Honestly with todays economy I am worried he is
continuing to do this to others.

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