Corner SofaFaulty Product & Terrible Service

Anyone considering a purchase with SCS Sofa's. Beware...

I purchased a corner suite from the Dartford SCS branch in July 2014. The top wooden frame work has broken in one of the sections and SCS sent someone to inspect it called Lloyd, he told us he would order the parts and return in 6 to 7 weeks. He then returned to his office put the report in as accidental damage caused by us and didn't order any parts or advise us of anything. 7 weeks later I call them to chase it up and Dartford don't want to know now they have your money and the head office after care simply say we believe it's accidental damage so we are not interested in discussing it, goodbye. The product is clearly not fit for purpose, the service is terrible, the attitude well, and the staff clearly lie to your face. Their head office even confirmed Lloyd said he was ordering the parts and he later changed his mind. I wouldn't recommend or spend a pound with them.

Jan 27, 2015

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