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Core Bit, INC / Check cashing scam

1 United States

I have recently been scammed by these guys. They are supposedly based out of Germany. Their email addys are:

Anyway, I applied to an ad on for a work at home position to be 'processing payments' for this overseas "company". I received one check for almost $1700, which in turn bounced last week. I am now responsible to pay this money back. I of course don't have it, and now these email addresses are blocking me from sending mail. I have forwarded all my emails to AOL, and also a post on /link removed/ from a girl who is out $1800 from the same company. She lists the same emails on her post. Hopefully AOL will shut them down.

One thing that gets me is this: The check was issued by a site called Some sort of check delivery service. I called them. They don't even have a fraud department, and are claiming no liability because they are not a "financial institution". But they do charge a fee for their service. I'm looking into it, because as far as I am concerned they should be held accountable.

Also, has an ad posted on 11/27 which leads you to a site by a company called "West Trans". If you read the job description carefully, you will be processing payments at home. Receiving this money, and/or packages, and forwarding them on. Beware! They are out there and at it again. This scam has obviously been highly profitable for them and we need to do something about it.

The attorney for the check cashing store that I used is threatening me with criminal charges. This scared me to death. I am a single mom and something like this could cause me to lose my kids. So I called my police chief yesterday and filed a report. He sent a detective out to my house and I handed over all my information. The detective assured me that although we can't stop the attorney from pressing charges, once he does so, it's out of his hands. It's up to the detectives as to whether or not charges are filed. And this detective believes me that I was scammed. So I did the best thing by calling them. He is also going to enter this information into some online database maintained by the FBI. Although they probably won't do anything until there are enough complaints with enough monetary value to pursue. We need to continue to complain. File reports with your local police. Have them forward it to the FBI.

BTW Does anyone know how to find out who a specific fax number belongs to? These people had me fax my "employee contract" to a number in Nevada. I tried calling this number and it is definitely a fax only line. I'm sure the detective will find out, I'm just curious.

Well I just wanted to let you all know about this. There goes all my christmas money. I'm definitely pissed. And I feel pretty damn stupid too. But I feel much better finding this site and knowing that I'm not alone.


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