Corcoran Apartments / They do not care about their residents

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You have probably seen those flags outside of Skyline Commons on Mammoth Road. The flags read, "Lease now!" These flags say it all; Skyline Commons only wants to fill all their empty apartments.

They do not care about their residents. If you complain about an appliance or a neighbor, it may take time to get a response. Sometimes, the managers are so "busy" that they do not bother to pick up the phone or to respond to voice messages. Even their maintenance crew works the same way.

Skyline Commons does not care if you have neighbors that disrespect the rules, if you have neighbors who come home drunk and disturb the peace (or are doing any illegal on goings) or if non-resident teenagers are breaking into cars. Money is all that is on their minds.

And because of this, they rent out these apartments to just anyone. They do not conduct backgrounds. Just about anyone with money can rent an apartment.

It is not even worth the $1, 000 or more to rent out these apartments. It does not matter if you are a good resident, if you do not cause disruptions or if you pay your rent on time. Skyline Commons is not going to pay you any respect. They just want to see dollar signs and people moving into their abundance of empty apartments. If I were you, I would choose the apartments or condominiums farther down the street.


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