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Coral Beach Travel & Tours / Terrible experience!

1 9600 W Sample Road, Suite 402Coral Springs, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-345 7504

This company now appears to trawl internationally via telephone, targeting and preying on the vulnerable elderly, selling them trips that can't possibly be taken. My 85 year old aunt, who suffers from cancer and some dementia, was coerced into providing her Visa card details to this company who subsequently removed $689AUD from her account. She thought that she was buying a book about a particular location, not a deposit on travel that she cannot take, particularly when she lives in Australia!

While she obviously provided her credit card details to this company over the phone(!), she clearly did not understand the sales pitch and what was being sold to her. She says that she told the person who called that she was a senior and was not well enough to travel to the USA. This apparently was not enough to warn off the unethical telemarketer representing this company, who continued pushing the sales pitch until she provided her credit card details.

Needless to say, there is no paperwork to be found and nothing received from this company other than the withdrawal of the money which is of course traceable via the bank which issued the Visa card. As a result of this, I have taken on her enduring power of attorney and I have contacted the company via email directly to demand return of the monies, but have had no reply as yet.

I have reported this company's behavior to her bank; to the Australian Federal Police; to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) FIDO Consumer watchdog branch to add to their unlicensed overseas callers and scam lists. I am also pursuing the reporting of this unethical behavior to the travel industry and other bodies internationally.

I am cynical enough to assume that there will be legal loopholes and subcontracting arrangements for this company to hide behind even if they do actually reply to my demand for return of the money. I am appalled at this company's reprehensible behavior and I post this report to publicize it and reduce the possibility of this happening to other elderly people who may not be able to complain as long and as loudly as I can on my aunt's behalf.

I note that this will join several other complaints about the questionable activities of Coral Beach Travel and Tours.

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  • Sa
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    I thought I'd check the internet to find out if the experience I am going through is similar to others. The contract (I hope it's a contract) is not being adhered to by Coral Beach Travel and Tours. It's true that they asked for additional money which I paid, but the hotels I was promised is not what I am getting. So I left a message to get return calls. If they don't call back, I'm not sure what to do... whether to go on the trip as they planned which is not to my satisfaction, or just lose the whole thing. Regardless, I'll call the Better Business Bureau.

  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    On May 16, 2008, at a meeting of the elected Board of Directors of Coral Beach Travel & Tours, Inc. (CBTT), it was decided to shut down operations due to the theft of the company’s client database and subsequent burglary and the grand theft of a remote storage server and its digital backup containing the CBTT client database. Evidence of credit card fraud was reported to CBTT and the proper authorizes have been advised of these events.

    In February 2007, evidence showed that the CBTT database was stolen and sold to another timeshare developer in Kissimmee, Florida. The discovery of the theft was made clear when our clients started to complain about being harassed by Summer Bays Resort’s telemarketers. For the next six (6) months, complaints stated CBTT clients were being intimidated with high pressure and strong telemarketing techniques to buy an Orlando vacation package to Florida that included a timeshare tour of Summer Bay Resorts.

    On September 11, 2007 and upon advice from legal counsel, a demand letter were produced and sent to Summer Bay Resorts, et al, located in Clermont, Florida, to “Cease and Desist” from using and/or contacting any CBTT clients for any purpose. Summer Bay Resorts and its marketing and telemarketing departments admitted to buying the alleged stolen database, stating that they had no knowledge that the database was stolen. Summer Bay executives would not disclose to CBTT the name(s) of any person(s) or any company(s) that sold the CBTT database to them to date.

    On November 23, 2007, Summer Bay Resorts, et al, made an advance settlement payment to CBTT for the one time use of the database. As of today’s date, despite the “Cease and Desist” the database continues to being telemarketed by Summer Bay’s timeshare telemarketing department as well as other timeshare telemarketing companies that promote Orlando vacations for the purpose of selling timeshare intervals to CBTT’s client to buy their cheap vacations and travel to Orlando.

    On March 18, 2008, it was reported that the computer server that digitally stored CBTT’s travel software programs and client’s records was stolen from the server room from the Radisson Worldgate Resort, in Kissimmee Florida. The Kissimmee police were called and advised of the theft. A police report was produced and currently the theft of the server is under investigation.

    Evidence of fraud from CBTT’s client’s credit cards continued to be reported, therefore CBTT’s credit card merchant services provider and insurance company were advised. CBTT took legal steps to protect CBTT and it’s over 200, 000 clients from this “Identity Theft” crime. On May 16, 2008, all of CBTT company banking and credit card processing accounts were closed and all monies and assets were frozen therefore forcing CBTT to close. All CBTT clients that used a credit card to pay for their vacations have been reported to the merchant services fraud department and risk management department. State and Federal authorities have been notified of the current position that CBTT is currently experiencing.

    I apologize for the inconvenience that this preventive measures have caused CBTT’s clients and vendors. All client’s with reservations that have a canceled status, will be contacted once all security and legal issues have been resolved.

    Christopher B. Quilter
    June 16, 2008

  • Kr
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Hi Christopher B Quilter,

    If there is any truth in what you are saying, then why don't you return the money to all the clients who paid for the vacation package and never used any of them?


  • Ri
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    I don't know what IS TRUE AND WHAT ISAN'T, but I do know that I have been affected by this in Australia and it does give a bad impression that prompt redress of this matter is not made. Imagine if people in the U.S booked holidays in Australia only to find there was only a rip off or a failed company without any fidelity or compensation fund provided by the State Travel and Tourism authorities ... YOU SEE THIS GIVES AND BAD IMPRESSION OF TOURISM IN THE US. especially as around the other side of the world we a powerless to do anything about it. It's my fault, I should have googled for any warnings first - seems like that's what we're going to have to do that for everything from now on... IN THE MEAN TIME HOW DO I GO ABOUT EITHER GETTING THE TRAVEL HONOURED OR MY MONEY REFUNDED? WHO SHOULD I COMPLAIN TO? CAN ANYONE ADVISE ME ON THIS. TA Richard in Australia... email

  • Al
      23rd of Oct, 2011
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    I hope this company is no longer in business look at and email i sent back in 06. I will never and urge everyone not to do business with this company. They are crooks.

    I already spoke with you this morning.
    Is there something else I can do for you?
    Let me know
    Bon Voyage
    E-customer service

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Allen Cruz []
    Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 3:21 PM
    To: Chris Quilter
    Subject: Coral beach and travel Customer Dissatisfaction

    To Whom this may concern,

    I want to express the great dissatisfaction that I have experienced with

    your company ever since I purchased this vacation deal. I know there are
    different partners, one who sells the package and the other which sets
    the hotel stay. Well, from the beginning I was misled by the rep who
    sold me
    this package. I was told this was an all-inclusive deal. After paying
    receiving the paper work did I find out that the air flight and food was
    included and would have to pay more for an all-inclusive. At that point
    tried to get a refund for this package and was told that I was not able
    due to a time limit. I had no other option but to pay for a flight for
    wife and I and setup a vacation to cancun 10/07/06 to 10/15/06. I just
    off the phone with a women named Maria Salazar who works for your
    "Coral Beach and Travel" and has a very bad attitude. The reason I
    her was get information on a contact phone number for whoever can help
    me if
    I had any problems in Mexico. Maria's response to this was that there
    was no
    contact number and that if I was in Mexico that I would be on my own
    your center is in US. Maria's tone was a bit rude and made me feel
    uncomfortable speaking to her. She informed me that I would be picked up

    from the airport and taken to my hotel destination but would not be
    back to the airport for my departure. I again would be on my own to find
    way to get to the airport from my hotel. I have never experienced this
    of service from any travel company I have used in the past. Certainly
    will be the last time I will travel or refer anyone to your company.
    When I
    asked to speak to a supervisor for your company Maria advised me that
    supervisor was busy a could not answer any calls because she "Sandra"
    handling business with Mexican visitors. I am a customer for your
    who is dissatisfied and already paid for a travel package but I cannot
    get my simplest questions answered. I should not even need to ask to
    to a supervisor if the travel agent can answer my questions in a nice
    and good manner. When I do ask for a supervisor in a rare scenario there

    should be a supervisor that can assist me right away or in the immediate

    future. I should not have to keep calling back time after time just to
    to get a hold of a supervisor. What is even more frustrating that I was
    unable to get hold of a supervisor no matter how hard I tried and my
    question are left unanswered. Rest assure that I will continue to try
    reach someone in the upper management level for some closure. If you are

    able to help please contact me at ************ Chris, please foward
    message to the appropriate manager or supervisor if you are not the one
    should be sending this message to.

    Thank You,

    Allen Cruz

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