Copperstate RacingUnauthorized billing

Placed on-line order with Copperstate racing in October 2008 for seven Per-Order 2009 Nascar diecasts and one back ordered 2008 Nascar. Received a nice Christmas card e-mail in December 2008 from company stating appreciation for my business and looking forward to selling to me in 2009. After January 2009 no answers to multiple phone calls to them and sent a request for return of money and then the web site disappeared. No e-mails or phone calls from them or refund or offer. Ripped of for $ 367.69 on the seven per-order cars and $ 57.95 on back ordered car totaling $425.64 Lost. I paid through PayPal but they said because of the pre-order status it was beyond the time limit for them to go after the money for me. Someone needs to pick up the ball on this for everyone ripped off as a class action or something, especially if they are in business again on-line and e-bay as someone mentioned here at your web site. Collecting money up front before intended time of shipment is a set-up and fraud in my opinion. I also would think Arizona Government would want to follow up on this for us. Of course I was the one to give the money up front in the first place, but they had been around for a long time and I did receive other orders although for long wait durations. Their prices were good for the wait for so many cars being purchased by myself. The phone contact person I worked with always at Copperstate racing and who was suppose to be the main man for the company was named Brock. I do not know if this was the owner of the company. Please contact me for any class actions or solutions for re-fund.


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