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Copeland Marketing / Promised to sell my timeshare!

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My husband and I signed up with Copeland Marketing on June 27, 2006 to have our property in Wisconsin Dells sold by Copeland Marketing. To this day we have never heard from the company and have not seen our property listed on the internet as promised. My husband paid $899.00 to Rick Berman and to this day he has never contacted us to leave us know how things are going and we are unable to reach him to find out how things are, it is almost a year later and we are still sitting on property that we are not using at all.

William & Donna Wolter.

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  • Ru
      24th of Jan, 2007
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    I had the same experience with Copeland marking. They got me for $899.00 after calling my wife many times she finally told me that her credit card could not be excepted for the amount they requested so I paid them with aphone check.They offered to sell my time share for$22,000.oo for a refundable deposit. After about two months passed. I gave them a call to talk to Anthony McDermott who was the salesman responsible for selling the unit, the reply I got serveral was he was out on a sale. I did get to talk to him once and his reply was they had not had an off at that time but he would contact me when he had and offer.That was the end of Aug. and I still have not heard from anyone.

  • Je
      31st of Jan, 2007
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    I agree with your account of there sales pitch. I was called numerous times when I finally accepted there deal. I only paid $300.00 for this non contract saying they would get $22,000 for my unit. I never got one phone call. Good luck.

  • To
      18th of Feb, 2007
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    I also was call numerous times saying they could Rent out our time share in Vegas for $1,500 for the week. All I had to do is sign up for this service only $900.00. I did receive a two calls backs wanting more money with a special offer that just came up. Only $19.00 this time. So, if Jackie Garrett calls hang UP.

  • Ci
      16th of Mar, 2007
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    I am in the same situation. On Oct 31, 2005 I was contacted by Alyssa Gould and she promised that there would be no problems with the posting and selling of my timeshare on the outer banks of North Carolina. She even skyrocketed the cost to $15,000 when I was only asking $7500. I was never able to reach alyssa again once i paid the money. My last conversation with them was in Sept 2006 when I called because they HAD NEVER CALLED ME and they told me they were in discussion with the state of North Carolina to put the properties up for auction. I have never heard any follow up for this.

    This is a major scam and I am all for following up with any of you on the illegitimacy of this business.


  • Ro
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    $22,000 must be the magic number, because that is what they told me they could get for mine too. Fortunately they only got me for $200.00 "refundable deposit". That was 18 months ago, have not heard or seen anything from them since they got the check.

  • Je
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    Taking $600.00 dollars and running they were suppose to sale share 8/1/2006.have never from them since.need to put these crooks out of business.I want my money back.

  • Li
      12th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also signed on with Copeland Marketing after providing $899.00 of hard to come by money on July 11/2006 to have my AVR timeshare sold. I had even made multiple calls towards keeping track of their ??? effectiveness, with some replies from some clerk backing up Ken Landborn's efforts. Obviously all in on this or she certainly could have been a scapegoat. I am sure Ken lost no sleep being involved in such a scam. I was constantly being told, bear with us the Indiana 500 was coming or the new season will certainly provide viable sales. Then I continued to call-with terminal hold and finally after so, a click and hang ups. Of course I never heard back and became very upset with the investment of money in faith. I didn't believe I was ignorant at all. How do people like this get away with these type of things. It obviously, gives a bad name to those organizations whom truly are attempting to do good for the population at large.
    I can only trust these comments by all of us will bring our money back to us.

    Sincerely submitted,

  • Li
      11th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with everything already said. I made my contract on 05/24/05 paying $500.00. They told me it takes an average of 90 days to sell. I called them back to find out any progress and got the run around. They then said they would get back to me if they sold it. They did offer as much as $22, 000.00 and said if they had anyone interested they would call first to make sure the price was okay. I have never had anyone from their office call me. That was almost 3 years ago. I just thought that since my timeshare is one week every other year that that was the reason it took longer to sell. I just tried the phone number on my listing email and the message says the number is not correctly dialed but it is exactly what is on the form. I am very discouraged and would like someone to contact me. My phone and contact info has not changed. 503-589-6883. Linda

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