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Cope & McPhetres Boat / Money owed

1 Rocklin, CA, United States Review updated:

We were promised a $2, 000.00 cash reward if we bought a new boat from Cope & McPhetres. We waited 36 months as instructed, sent in the form, and it came back as the box is closed! We understand that the company is now closed, but we should be compensated, as promised by the ITPA cash reward administrator out of Strongsville, Ohio.

Bob of Grass Valley, CA

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  • Ke
      8th of Nov, 2009
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    I am certified to receive $10, 000 for also buying a boat from Cope and McPhetres in June of 2010. I was concerned that this would happen when the economy turned. Is there a bankruptcy law for private citizens that are due money from companies who go bankrupt? I guess if they don't have money, they cannot pay. It seems as if the company does not exist. I cannot even find an owner of the company. Maybe somebody knows a way to get the money from the owner of the company, or are they protected by the bankruptcy laws?

  • Be
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    Bob, have you heard anything on this. I have the same problem AND almost $1400.00 on a gift certificate!




  • Lz
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I too was duped by Cope and McPheters I was scheduled to recieve $10, 000 refund this month from the refund incentive offered by Cash rewards Inc thru C&M. It is my understanding the C & M knowingly did not pay into the Cash Rewards Inc refund program as per their contract. As a result Cash rewards Inc. has filled for bankruptcy. I spoke to the trustee handling the BK (they are very helpfull) they can be reached at 972-938-7334 they will provide you with a claim form that you can submit to the bankruptcy court. With that said I was also informed by the trustee that their is no money available and they are considering criminal action. So in short it appears as if we have no recourse other than trying to go after the owner of Cope & McPheters (Frank) personally since he intentionally did not pay as per his contract.

  • Dp
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    I am in the same situation with Cope & McPheters, that was the selling point and as the salesman and the woman who finalized our paper work told us that there would be NO reason that we would not get our rebate money.

    They made this very clear and so we couldn't pass on the deal, well now here we are out of that money, when we could have gone with another boat company and received a better $ deal for the boat.

    Any help would be appreciated, this March is when we would have mailed our paper work in.


  • Ca
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I am in the same boat - they promised me 10, 000!

    This is terrible but this is what I did;

    I have waited 3 years from the date of purchase of a new boat - to claim my $10, 000.00 cash reward. I have filed all the necessary paperwork to find out that the boat company that I bought this from and Cash Rewards, Inc are out of business and in bankruptcy!

    I have taken the necessary steps to file for a claim with the courts

    Case # 09-33685 is the case number

    Even though this has filed in court they are letting more people that are coming into their 3 rd year for the reward file. It is a long shot of any recovery but worth the try.

    David Maloy should pay us back - we invested in the products and gave him money - we need ours back. This is not right and not fair.

  • Di
      14th of May, 2010
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    I was also taken by the promise of 10k from Cope and Mcphetes salepeople. Can anyone send me more info. to my email.

  • Pa
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    We too were taken from the sales person at Cope and Mcphetres regarding a $10k cash rewards when purchasing, in my opinion, an overpriced boat almost three years ago!

    David Maloy and Cash Rewards Inc. and the ITPA filed bankruptcy. So perhaps we should all join and file against Cope and Mcphetres to try and recover this money?

  • Mw
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    Has there been any progress with this for any of you? We too are due $2k for our boat purchase from Cope & Mcphetres. The rebate is due by February '10. I'll mail it just to show I did it. I'll give the 972 # a call and see where to go from there - any more info would be great!

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