Coopers / Coopers artesian reserve

1 Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia

My husband had gone to do the shopping for a dinner with my family which included beer and wine and after returning from purchasing them sat down with everyone for a beer about to start the BBQ and my father's notices the beer he always drinks tastes different so aftery husband also tried it and noticed it was we check boxed amd it was out of date.we rang Dan murphys were told to take box back to store where we were told" sorry about that do you wamt a refund" after replying no I want a beer I always drink not out of date to drink at my dinner where people are waiting,
Was given replacement only beer in same original box i purchaded earlier and told sorry only 6 are cold, come home to a dinner party where I have 6 cold beers and a box full of warm beer
Extremely poor service turns me off the beer and the company where bought it from which dont seems to really do anything
About the nit only bad service but selling out of date beer!!!


Feb 3, 2017

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