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Hong Kong, CA
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I originally ordered, in good faith, an Elephone P8000 smartphone which was shipped out to me on June 21 2016.
I received this item on July 31, 2016, but there was some problem with the unit, it would not detect any networks so I was unable to make any connections.

After contacting you for advice, I returned the item to you for repair on August 8 2016, at my cost of C$56.90. I was told not to worry, the cost would be reimbursed.(Amber)
As per your email, you received the phone back on October 11 2016, and it was returned, supposedly fixed, on November 18 2016
It still would not detect any networks, and when I asked for reimbursement of my costs, I was offered a $10 coupon.
After sending pictures of the screens (your request), I was then offered a used phone as compensation.
On December 25 2016 you again offered a used phone.
On December 26 2016 I received an email saying that since I had had the phone more than the 15 day return/refund period, I was no longer eligible for a return/refund. Of course, because the phone was in transit almost this entire time going back and forth and I didn't get any chance to use it, but I'm getting penalized by allowing the 15 day return period to pass. A joke right? At the same time I am offered either A: $15 or B: a used phone VK77X
On January 4 2017 I accepted the offer of the used phone, even though I protested that I had paid for a superior product brand new Elephone P8000
On January 5 2017, I provided you with my name, address, phone number etc.
On January 7 2017, I was asked by your representative Necola if I would be interested in leaving a favourable comment on your website.
I considered this to be the ultimate insult considering what had been going on for so long.
On January 13 2017 I was advised by Necola that my order had been shipped on January 12 2017.
I was provided with tracking information on January 30 3027.
By February 22 2017 I had not yet received any delivery, so I contacted you again and was told by Nicola that they would contact the carrier for information.. Then on March 5 2017 I was advised that here was some kind of problem tracking the shipment with the carrier.
Finally, on March 10 2017, I received the replacement, consolation phone, the VK700X.
I want to point out a couple of things that I'm not happy about.
In total, from the day I first ordered the Elephone P8000, a total of 262 days passed by.
Your promise of reimbursement for the cost of returning the phone for repair was ultimately broken and not honored. To ask for a favorable comment on your website in the midst of all this turmoil was a slap in the face.
I want to lodge the strongest of complaints against your company. I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with the service I received. I feel your customer service could use a whole lot of improvement.
Although I had previously considered your firm to be my go to company for electronic products, I will no longer be doing any business with you, and in fact, I will make it my business to actively advise as many people as I can not to do business with you either.
In closing, I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not happy with the service I received. I am not happy about being lied to. And I am not happy about being basically cornered into accepting a product I had not ordered in spite of the fact that I paid the full price for a completely different product.
I hope the right people in management get hold of this and do something to correct some of the issues I have raised.

Yours in disgust

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    Mar 13 (2 days ago)
    New coupon offer !! Mar 15 2017
    They think that this will solve all their problems
    to me
    HI there,
    Sorry for the problem.
    There must be deliver mistake on deliver way, we really send you the phone.
    How about we give you 40USD coupon for you to buy a new one?
    What do you think?Hope your reply.

Mar 15, 2017

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