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cool savings / Spam Emails and not saying why they want your name

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You sign up for an email newsletter on, or wherever, and then they ask your email and where you live, and you think you get the newsletter which you might, you also get a box of ham, low fat with the pig with the glasses who can't see how to help him lose fat; my ruse is to herwith always just make sure I have 3 or 4 email names and use just one, the low speed one for when they ask without my knowing what their answer would be. Save the high speed box, one for family, one for biz and so on. For my real address, the post office will stop them, they have tried to hide from view on the web, and if the pig is smaller this will help him relax after the marathon of savings when we were aware we weren't paying so we're rich and dreaming of our sweetheart!
This is a good way to stop other "outside" web problems where it seems as if caused by the computer when actually it's some ham actor. Find the source and detour it to one of our favorite UtherRLs!

The BBB is more a watchcat, good for awareness, and they won't stop Cool Savings. You're raising awareness when you report sites like Cool savings to the BBB, but this trick about the detour is good in general. For instance, if you site has bad or limp ads picked "by a machine" you often have the option of signing up with another publisher. If you like use a big box, this way you can empty it all at one time. For the box you already have it's easy to just search for memos like from your family, by name or topic in the box, and you may only have to use this trick once to have no more problems once you've filtered it out, the web's spam filter has no additives!

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