Cool Dudes Auto Financing / HIRING SADOMASOCHISTS

Cool Dudes Auto Financing

Cool Dudes Auto Financing
1853-A Portage Ave, Winnipeg,
MB, Canada, R3J 0G8

CONFIRMED CRAPPY! I know because I used to WORK in that ### little building with those
### managers and those ### case files. Everyone SHOULD call them continually
and harass them on a daily basis because they really do sell AUTOMOBILES 7 days a
week to anyone who falls for their crappy sales pitches. After I received 1 hour
of "training" I was put on the phones to sell to immigrants, elderly people and
previous subscribers. The "case files" were incomplete, missing names, numbers,
etc. Even if I reached an elderly lady/man and their spouse was the automoble owner
but they died the company would still have me sell them the [censored]ing
automobile - HOW PATHETIC! The log in clock as each agents sits in their
cubicle skips a second every 5-10 seconds so that basically means that they
are ripping their agents off their paychecks even though they only pay
$9.50 per hour. A lot of people that work in this company use pot and drink
because of that stinking unhealthy "work" environment. I do not recommend
this company unless you really need to make money to survive or if your are
a sadomasochist or ill in the head. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Cool Dudes Auto Financing

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