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Cookies Charms / No full refund

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I put a $100 deposit for an $800 puppy with xxxxxxx, the breeder and owner of Cookies Charms.

The night of December 19, Friday, she called me to tell me that the puppy had a small umbilical hernia. I didn't know much about hernias and was uneasy about getting a puppy with one but she convinced me to talk to Dr. xxxxx first, her vet, and my vet here before making a decision. Before we hung up, I asked her If I would get my refund back if I decided not to get the puppy and she said that she'll have to ask her husband first. Next day she called me and said that she's spoken to her husband and that they'll just not sell me the puppy and just give me back my refund. I would really like to get the puppy so I had asked her if she would just give me until Monday to decide because I needed to speak to the vets before I make a decision and I need to know what I was getting into (the vets are closed on the weekend). Monday, I talked to Dr. xxxxx. He did say that this umbilical hernia is a hereditary defect, the puppy will be okay, its' not a big deal, but she'll have to have it fixed when she gets spayed. I called my vet here in town and they said it'll cost $60 to get it fixed if I have it done at the same time as getting her spayed. During this time I've been reading a lot about this hernia and have also found that I have to watch it closely because there can be serious problems that can rarely but possibly occur. If I have to get it fixed sooner than she gets spayed, according to my vet, it'll cost a couple hundred dollars. If it was an emergency that I have to take her to an emergency animal hospital, it'll cost a couple of thousand. That same day, even with the risk I mentioned above, I called xxxxxx to tell her I would like to get the puppy, but I asked her to lower her price $60 less as this is how much it'll cost me to have it fixed. (And I do need to get it fixed according to her vet.) She refused and said she'll only take $50 off. And really it's only a $10 difference from what I'm asking vs. what she's willing to give, but, it's the principle of it, it just makes sense that the price of the puppy should go down that certain amount because that's how much it'll cost for me to get it fixed. So, I've decided not to take the puppy. And she said that that is fine. She will be sending me my money back. I waited and waited for my refund but none arrived. I emailed her on January 9 to check up on it and she called me back January 12. She said she thinks her husband sent my refund back last Saturday, and that it was only for $50. I was surprised of course, as this is not what agreed on. She went on and on about how most breeders will not be giving me my refund at all and that I should read this and that website, and her contract. I explained to her that all those doesn't matter becaused she promised me that she'll give me my refund back with no mention of just giving me half.

She promised me the refund and 18 days later she sent me back my refund that is only half of my deposit. She didn't even bother to call me to talk to me about that for 18 days! She told me the $50 was for her time spent. But my time was spent too. I didn't sign up for puppy with a hernia! I had to call here and there, spent my time reading up on umbilical hernias, and got my hopes up in getting this really cute puppy.

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  23rd of Mar, 2009
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Well to start things off, you should have really thought things over before giving a deposit on a puppy before having a report from a vet on the wellness of the dog. You as a consumer should have asked for facts on the puppy first. Especially for something you are willing to spend alot of money on. For the initial start up as well as extended care. Puppies are extreme responsibilities and take a lot of time and care. They are not to be entered into lightly. Also you should have read the website and the contract thouroughly before entering into it. Her website states DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. It's not bad business to have non-refundable deposits. And she is not the only one to have that policy. You, I'm sure are lucky that you received any sort of refund. Sounds to me like she was up front and honest with you about the hernia. She offered for you to call her vet, hmm, maybe because the vet has worked with and seen all of her puppies past and present and knows what kind of dog she produces and could probably give you the most information about her Shih Tuz's and their health. Hmm and where can you get someone to drop the price on something because something may need to be fixed or repaired??? Let me think on that one, OH YES!!! It's a GARAGE SALE!!! She is not in the business of trying to sale things on ebay or craigslist. LOL She is in the business of breeding. You can't go to a car lot and buy a car and expect them to lower the cost of the car because you know in the future your car will need a tune up or have to have it's oil changed. When working with deposits you always take the risk of losing that money. Because anything can happen. That is also known as COMMON SENSE. You made the deposit before asking the proper questions, obviously didn't read the website or the contract, when you hit a bump in the road you got cheap, still wanted the puppy but thought hmm how can I work this situation to my advantage to save my cheap ### some money... So you got mad and acted like a child when you couldn't get what you wanted. And made with worse when you didn't get the full refund, of which you should have never received a single dime in my opinion. The original post should not have even been written. You should have just chalked it up to Crap happens, you learned your lesson on making deposits when you don't know much about the merchandise and the importance of READING a contract. You need to let it go! Should have let it go! Work on being a savvy shopper. Then give it a go again. But start with something that doesn't live and breathe. Good Luck. Signed Passer By (Owner of 2 Shih Tuzs)

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