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CONXTR, LLC / Bogus charge

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ATT Residential Phone Customer
This company slammed a charge on my phone bill for $14.95. I have never heard of them and never subscribed to any service. I refused to pay and hopefully ATT will correct the problem. Since they are billed as a third party charge I have no control over future billings.


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N  17th of Aug, 2009 by 
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While on vacation I had recieved an e-mail saying that Conxtr was charging me 19.95 to my phone? I would recieve an e-mail to setup my voice mail? I never agreed to to this service. I don't need voice mail I have it, and I don't need their service! How did they get any information on me or why are they going to bill my cell phone? This company needs to be put out of business!
N  28th of Aug, 2009 by 
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CONXTR, LLC - Charges not authorized
Conxtr, LLC
Overland Park
United States
Phone: kc.rr.com

Have no idea who this company is but AT&T allowed them to charge me a monthly fee for services not requested. This travesty started with my July statement and todate I am still trying to get everything straighten out. It really blows my cool on how these people can pull this type of a stunt.
N  31st of Aug, 2009 by 
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Conxtr provides its members with enhanced voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 every day of the year and you can reach us via phone at 800-201-7279 or online at http://www.conxtr.com/business-dev.cfm
I’m confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

Conxtr Customer Service
A  28th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Looks like Conxtr has a "coined" reply to this type of complaint. Same thing happened to me..I received a $14.95 bill (plus tax) from them when I left on a 3-4 day trip. I called my telephone provider and they immediately issued a credit. Obviously they had these same complaints before. Don't know how they got my number, but I didn't authorize them to do anything for me...
A  26th of Dec, 2009 by 
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My elderly parents were also charged for this unasked for service. My mother never looks at the bill summary. She trusted AT&T not to allowed such criminal activity. I don't know how many months she paid before I happened to looked at the bill.
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by 
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I am so mad at this company. I was charged 29.90 onto my local phone bill for a charge I didn't sign up for. When I called the lady from India said I had signed up for it and they sent me an email that gave me 42 hours to cancel. There is no way I would have noticed that in my junk mail when I never signed up for it. This company is fraud!

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