Continential Finance Mastercard / Wrongful Fees and Website Scam

I signed up for a Continential Finance Mastercard. I like others I recieved the card it had available credit of $50.00. I made a payment over the phone upon activating my card, I have set up to make payment on the internet and trust me it is the stupidest thing. All the stupid security questions and all I want to do is make a payment. I called customer service, thats a joke. The Customer Service Rep. was very rude, she wanted me to make the payment over the phone and pay a 8.95 fee. I told her to closed this account and I will mail in my payment. Not a go card to get. I received other cards with less hassle than this, we a consumers should not have to get upset to make a payment or have the CSR talk to us in such a matter.

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