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Continential Finance Credit Cards / Card Issues

1 United States

I am so pissed of with this company right now I do not know what to do. I have had my card for over 6 months and have not had any complaints until now. Last month I had an emergency where I had to miss my payment I knew I was going to be behind and I was fine with that. I was expecting to pay a late fee and it would be back to business as usual. Well when I recieved my statement I looked at it and was like ok fine payment due 104.00 I thought that was the missed payment, plus the payment for August ok fine still. An agent called and I spoke with them was really pleasant because I knew it was my fault that the payment was missed anyway I told her about how I was planning to make my payments I was planning to split them up within two weeks she said this was fine. I kept my arrangements making my second payment last Friday. I have still been recieving calls from this company so I answered and asked why they were still calling me I had made my payments like I had agreed to. Well I am told that I still owe another 50 payment to bring my account current I was like are you serious how is that even possible I just paid 104.00 this month so basically if you miss 1 payment you have to make 3 to bring your account current plus pay the late fees. I was like wow I'm sure that I didn't see anything like that when I applied for this card because there is no way that I would have gone through with that application. That is robbery and insane. I asked them to close my account and I would pay what I owe they won't even do that I was told that I would still be charged interest, plus the monthly account fee so the only thing that it would do would prevent me from using the card anymore. I have never in my life heard of such a thing with any kind of credit card company. One of the reps had the nerve to tell me that this is a second chance credit card as if I didn't know that. I have several other second chance cards and I missed a payment with them the same month and none of them have harrassed me the way this company has. I made my payments with them and have not heard anything from them. I just cannot believe that this is legal that a company can do this. I am trying to re-establish my credit, but this card is going to make it hard because I missed one payment so I will continue to get late charges and I'm guessing overage charges as well. Can someone please advise what I can or should do about this card how can I get out of this mess.


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