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Continental Finance Mastercard / These people don't want to help you

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They do want to separate you from your money, however.

I had no problems the first three months, learned the hard way about paying with a check and then started paying with a debit card. Until two months ago, before I even tried to use it, the automated system tells me that the debit card I used prior is not valid. Uh, it worked just fine right before and five minutes after the call. Same thing with my husband's account. That way, you are forced into paying with a check, hence the seven day hold on your funds and bogus fees added.

Another new scam they have going is that when you go online to pay by check, doesn't matter what time it is, it will not allow you to schedule until the next day. In my case, the next day was a Saturday, which is not even a bank business day. They did manage, however, to report to Experian the same day, that my card was overlimit due to their fees they tacked on the same day. I did fax a letter to the Delaware AG, as well as the contact person listed on the BBB site, and I noticed that the fees were reversed and my account closed as I requested.

If you don't have great credit, but not horrible (mid 500s to low 600s), there are much better options out there..Orchard, Merrick, even Tribute Mastercard (who raised me from $300 to $1000 in one year and I have never paid a single overlimit fee/late fee, nor do I get charged for paying online).

Stay as far away from Continental Finance as you can. For the headaches, the $10 a month, and the constant autodialed "reminder" calls, they are not worth it, especially for a card you can't get cash from or use at a gas pump.


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  27th of Feb, 2008
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I'll respond to the payment hold listed in the first paragraph. Continental does have a 7 day hold on non guaranteed funds (checks) but the amount is immediately deductred from the balance on the account. You DO NOT pay finance charges on the payment while it is held, you certainly will not get a late or over-limit fee while the payment is held.

Folks, if you are going to post negative things about a company, please get your facts straight. Continental Finance has nothing to hide about there product or how it does business.
  4th of Jul, 2008
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i got my renewal card. i called the number to speak to a rep to close the acct. was prompted by the phone menu to activate my new card. i did nothing and was finally told by the automated system to press a certain number to cancel the acct instead. i did that. i was not given a conf. no. or anything. i received a statement soon after w/the renewal fee. i called and got a rude woman who gave me her first name. i asked if she had an employee i.d. no. so i could atleast have someone to ref back to because by this point i can see what sort of mess i'm dealing with. i was very nice. she talked over me..any time i would open my mouth..she would try to rush me off the line. she said she can "try" to put in a request for me. i told her about the cancelling of the card and she aid.."must have been a glitch"...that's not my problem...and this shady co. isn't going to make it my problem. unfortunately, one bad divorce and my credit needed to be built up again or i wouldn't have opened this acct. i work for american express..we all have our complaints, but this co. takes the cake. i have a feeling my next call will be escalated and so on. i am fully aware of the program. i will probably end up paying more on my cell minutes trying to fix an issue that i didn't cause. all this rep kept saying is how, even if my acct is cancelled, i must still pay my balance. DUH!!! that's all she kept repeating like a robot in her sarcastic tone. for the prev person referring to the comment as "folks"...if you don't work for the company, u should. u would fit right in. if that company treats it's customers like this..i can only imagine how their employees are treated. some co. i would not be proud to defend OR work at. defending a scab co. like this one just shows any supporter's lack of integrity as a person.
  17th of Aug, 2008
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I think its asham that they put all these fees on this contintial finance card how do you suppose to enjoy using the card with them putting all the fees on the card and they put those fee's on soon as you activated it and you barely can buy anything with the card $50.00 avaiable to me wtf is that going to do for me or for my bills?? Huh?{ what you gonna do with $50.00 go to mcdonalds and use it buy a meal and get a cup of coffee and the money that was avaiable to you is already just about gone}. You know why you cant buy to much with the card? BECAUSE WERE TO BUSY PAYING ON THE FEES ON THE CARD and even if you pay it in full you still cant go over $300.00 so lets say for example I paid $314.00 they will take the money accourse but put it as a credit for my next bill FOR EXAMPLE IF MY BILL IS $50.00 A MONTH IT WILL BE ONLY $30.00 FOR THAT ONE MONTH THAT I PAYED OVER MY LIMIT. I mean in my opoion your just better off using cash I mean I understand this helps your credit but the money you be paying just to have this card and to say Hey I got a credit card you mind is well get a prepaid credit card I heard that helps your credit as well because this is ridiculous and wit bad credit you cant even get a good bad credit card because all the companies label you as a liability and ppl dont want to give you and chance because they feel they dont want to lose money if they feel like that!! they shouldnt give credit cards to bad credit ppl at all becasue its not fair that as a consumer we half to pay out all this money and cant even use the benefits of the damn card you barely cant use the damn card because its only $50.00 and I laugh sometimes because im like where human we make mistakes and we learn from them and when we get another chance we fix the problem and not do the wrong again but in there eyes there like nope its are way are NO WAY thats it you want are card and benefits you gotta pay us all out first . Creditors treat ppl with bad credit really bad and its asham because things happen in the life where you might just cant pay and thats when the calls starts and being hasseled into court ( CAPITAL ONE )its wrong how they treat us as ppl but imma have the last laugh at the end and I did a test I just wanted to see can I overdraft and I tried to overdraft by a quarter you know the card said DENIED im like wtf is this prepaid card are something?? its only a freaking quarter smh I cant wait to get my credit back on track because I got something for these ppl they make me so angry literlaly just how they treat ppl who barely making who works so hard to make a living and they not even trying to work with them. REVENGE IS MINES just site back and watch because when my credit get right they gonna be on my ### sending me applications for award cards and everything and imma simply be like NOPE because when I was down and out they wouldnt even look at me but now that im back and free of debit now you wanna come crawling back na you good lol but just alil advice to ppl who wants to apply for this contintial finance card DONT DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT beleave me your making a big huge mistake!!!
  17th of Feb, 2009
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This credit card scam needs to be stopped. Just wanting people to know not to apply for a Continental Finance Card. I pay my bills and have good credit so I am trying to report them to people and bureau's so they can warn people. A company like this plays with their grace periods so they can charge you a late fee, and charge you for paying by phone or online. Just beware of using their creidt cards-cause all it can do is hurt your credit.
  17th of Feb, 2009
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Just want everyone to read these complaits before applying or using this bank. DO NOT USE A CONTINENTAL FINANCE MASTERCARD- THEY ARE SCAMMERS. What people are saying about this company is so true. Don't use them.

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