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I have joined an sms dating scheme.After a few chats with lady they have stoppod me sending email by text.I have paid $60 so far.They do not appear to have an active email.They have a freephone number to no avail

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  • Pi
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    I believe this service is a scam from (possibly) Eastern Europe.
    1. Look at the profile registration page - The 'Mobil number' drop down box only has the '04' prefix in it. Where are the rest? (04 isnt a standard mobile prefix in NZ but it is possible to have it as one since number portability was introduced - not likely there are many around though). How does anyone ever register correctly through this page? If the registration page doesn't work, how can your texts ever get to the recipient?
    2. The girls are all gorgeous! - look at any of the other real dating sites in NZ and you wont find (no offense girls) anything approaching this standard.
    3. Many of the girls introductions are written in a kind of pigeon English - its plausible some of the girls would be foreign, but the ratio is to high for me to believe. The ethnicity mix of the girls is not representative of NZ either - again look at other dating sites.
    4. Most of the girls names are not names commonly used in NZ. Nyla, Raven, Ausma ?? More like porn names!
    5. A couple of the girls pictures appear under different names if you search in different regions - dodgy!
    6. I chatted with one of the 'girls' and while pleasant, she was evasive about specific details when propositioned with direct questions. Questions were answered with questions. I believe this is a tactic to drive as much traffic as possible through their premium SMS number as $3 a pop - adds up fast. When you text a girl, I think your text arrives in the inbox of someone whose sole job is to string you along and keep the conversation going for as long as possible.

    Maybe in order to avoid serious fraud, they cap their take per customer to $60 before they cut you off in order to avoid serious fraud charges should they be caught - just a guess.

    My advise - stop using the service - it stinks on too many levels to be real.

  • Ol
      16th of Jul, 2011
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    I haven't even joined the scheme but randomly i keep getting texts every day its starting to annoy me i'm not texting back though its to expensive. does anyone know how to cancel?

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