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Calling several times a day for over a 6 - 12 month period now. There's never anybody on the line, just a computerized voice that says thank you after about 15, seconds and the phone hangs up on their end. I put them on my caller reject list and i've called the # that they changet it every time and when i call back that number, the computerized voice says "push#1 if you'd like to be placed on a no call list", i push#1 and they call with another phone #. I'm on the federal no call list for home and mobile and you even have to push #1 on my phone to avoid these things from happening, they bypass it somehow. They will not leave me alone and i've never spoken to a human being. I have no idea, who they are, what they want and why there's no reason for their calls other than to drive me crazy. I'm extremely ill and need my rest. I don't sleep well at night so i try and catch up during the day. I have my landline transferred to my cell phone now and have had a lot of problems with my phone and can't help but wonder if perhaps due to these people. It's obviously a scam. Please help stop these people from this disruptive, intrusive and illegal activity. It's happening to many other's as well.

Jan 07, 2015

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