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Consumer Health Benefits Association / What a fraud!

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Below is a copy of my complaint to the BBB against Consumer Health Association. As stated in the complaint. I was contacted on my cell phone. Yes, I did go on the Internet looking for HEALTH INSURANCE BUT not on their website. It is like popups if you go on one website they seem to all get your information. That is how they contacted me by cell phone. Adams first words to me were "I understand you are looking for HEALTH INSURANCE." (As stated in the complaint below) after the original call from Adam, (at approximately 3:30 PM CDT on 09/14/06) I had second thoughts so I decided to go online and try to find out something about the company and the plan to no avail. I had to call several times to find out the name of the company and a website address. I never heard of this company before. I truly believe they know what they are doing that is why they record the conversation and make sure you understand there is no refund.

What a FRAUD, if they do this to a 100 people a week who hang up and realize later this is not what they want and cancel this company has made $23,989.00 and did not have to spend a penny on claims.

I am a 54-year-old widow in need of Health Insurance that I can afford. When Adam first told me the price, I still believed it was insurance. I was so thrilled with the monthly cost, I told him I wanted to get the plan. He transferred me to the Amber who stated it was going to be recorded (every company today tells you that big deal) is when I realized it was a discount plan, I changed my mine. She then transferred me to Josiah who then talked me into it. I work hard for my money. In the Rebuttal reply from Rita B Werner she states cancellation was received by telephone from consumer on 9/19/2006, 4 days after purchase. I called back on 09/18/06 and told him I wanted to cancel. He gave me a number to call and said it was late, no one would be there leave a message and they would count the cancellation as the 18th. Because I left the message stating I wanted to cancel I believed Josiah and considered that as a cancellation. Monday evening 09/18/06 I made a complaint with BBB via the Internet.

I am not satisfied with this company’s response. I want a total refund of $239.89.

(1st complaint letter to BBB 09/18/06)

Customer Description

Adam contacted me on my cell phone around 5pm on 09/14/06, stating I was interested in Health Insurance. I had gone on the internet several weeks ago looking for a quote on Health Insurance (Not this company. I had not heard of this company until now). I am a widow in need of insurance I can afford. Adam lead me to believe it was Health Insurance. When I agreed to purchase the plan. I was transferred to Amber who stated that the conversation would be recorded. I agreed, most phone conversion these days are for quality assurance. Upon listening to what she had to say I decided to change my mind. She then put Josiah on the line immediately. Josiah talked me into getting the plan. He said I would get information in the mail within two weeks. When I arrived home, I tried to find information on Consumer New Health, on the Internet to no avail. I called the next afternoon the no. Amber gave me for customer service [protected] and reached a recording. I then called the no. Adam called me from, I told Josiah I didn’t want the plan. I couldn’t fine anything about them on the Internet. He then gave me the name Consumer Health Assoc. and hung up. Nothing on this name either. I called again and reached a recording which gave a web address After going to the site, I truly discovered that this wasn’t what I wanted. I called back and couldn’t reach anyone.

I called Josiah today the 18th, to cancel the plan and wanted my money back. He told me to call customer service tomorrow noone was there now. I feel that I was caught off guard, taken advantage of by high-pressure sales and not given the time nor the opportunity to truly think it over. The monthly quote I was given was affordable and I truly did not comprehend the total picture. Louisiana law states that if you are solicited by telephone or at your home, you have three days to change your mind and get out of the contract.


I want to cancel and receive my money back. PRODUCT: discount health program

Company Response

September 21, 2006

2924 N. Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Attn: Complaint Department

File #: 426sss
Re: Beryl
Member #: GTNsss

Dear Ms. Venissa

To ensure that the member understands fully what they have purchased at the time of application the members participates in a recorded verification call. This verification call verifies that they understand they are purchasing a member advocacy and intervention program along with non-insurance discount medical services, accident medical expense insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and a prescription drug plan. We also verify the spelling of their name(s), their address, telephone number(s), email address, their credit card or bank statement, name on credit card or account, as well as their authorization of the non-refundable application fee and monthly premium amount. The verification call is available for you to hear upon request.

Rita B Werner
Sr. Vice President, Customer Relations
Consumer Health Benefits Association

(My rebuttal to BBB on 09/29/06)

Dear Ms. Venissa Garcia,

Thank you for handling my complaint regarding Consumer Health Benefits Association, however I
am dissatisfied with the Company's response.

As stated in the first complaint, it is a Louisiana Law that if you were solicited by telephone, which I was, you have the right to change your mind within three days. If you did not contact the company first, the law is there to protect the consumer who realizes he/she made the wrong decision. Being caught off guard, pressured, or by not being allowed an appropriate amount of time to think it over, people make wrong decision.

I was not ask explicitly, if I wavier my rights to the 3 day cancellation law. Therefore, it is immaterial and irrelevant that they have a recorded verification of me agreeing to the no refund policy and to understanding what I was purchasing.

Therefore, I am again requesting Consumer Health Benefits Association to issue me a refund of $239.89.

Thank you your help in this matter.

504 559 4sss

Louisiana consumer law:
Consumer purchase and credit issues Louisiana consumer law includes issues that face the average person on almost a daily basis. This can include financial issues like over-extended debt, usury, interest rates, and bankruptcy. Other consumer issues include consumer loans, credit repair services, and the ability to get out of contracts resulting from home or telephone solicitation.

For a complete listing of services and information available for the Louisiana consumer, visit the Louisiana Department of Justice Consumer Protection site.

Related Topics

There are many laws for the consumer that were passed in response to particular abuses. For example, contracts for dancing lessons must be in writing and cannot be for more than one hundred hours or cost more than a total of $5,000. This law was in response to abuses by dancing studios in signing up elderly or gullible persons to expensive lifetime contracts.

When can you get out of a purchase?

Many people are under the impression that they have three days to get out of a purchase. The fact is, in most situations once you purchase goods or services, you cannot get out of the sale unless the seller is good enough to let you out. So, people are used to the idea that they can return things to a department store. However, this is only because the department store has a policy to allow returns to keep customers happy. On the other hand, it is not likely that an automobile dealer will let you out of a purchase. Once the contract is signed for that new car, it is binding even if you have not taken delivery.

There are, however, situations where the law does allow you the chance to get out of a sale. If you are solicited by telephone or at your home, you have three days to change you mind and get out of any contract. So, if someone comes to your home and sells you vinyl siding to cover your brick house, you can get out as long as you give them written notice within three days. This law does not apply if you first contacted the company. For example, if you answer a newspaper ad and a salesman comes to your house, you would not be able to get out of a contract. By the way, the law does not apply to religious articles. So, apparently Bible salesmen would be exempt.

Reply to Rebuttal

September 29, 2006

2924 N Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Attn: Complaint Department

File# 42sss
Re: Stephan, Beryl
Member# GTNsss

Dear Venissa,

Consumer Health Benefits Association (CHBA) does not solicit members by phone. Our members contact us first via the internet expressing an interest in our non-insurance medical program. Only then, the consumer receives a call back. All calls are recorded for verification purposes and archived for future use (available upon request). The above consumer knew she was purchasing a non-insurance discount medical program by stating so in the recorded verification call.

Also, the Lousiana law regarding the 3 days right to refusal does not apply in this case as (1) consumer contacted CHBA first (2) notification must be in writing and within 3 days of purchase (cancellation was received by phone from consumer on 9/19/2006, 4 days after purchase).

The fees the consumer paid were used to purchase the non-insurance discount program provided. If there was a covered service under the terms of the consumer's discount program, the consumer would expect the company to fulfill its obligations and provide the discount contracted for. Therefore, the fees paid by the consumer are considered earned and non-refundable.


Rita B Werner
Senior Vice President
Costumer Relations
Consumer Health Benefits Association (CHBA)

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  • Me
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    I was contacted by someone at Consumer Health Benefits shortly after I had applied online for health coverage for my girlfriend through Aetna. The person calling me (I wrote down his name at the time, but of course now I cannot locate it) told me that my girlfriend had been declined for coverage by Aetna, and that they were an affiliate of Aetna which helped people who were otherwise turned down for health coverage. Long story short, I signed on with them, only to find out later that Aetna HAD NOT turned her down and they had no affiliation with any such company and would have never passed along private health information to another company (something on which I should have done research, but being the typical busy person, I didn't have a lot of time to do so, and took everything I was told at face value).
    After finding out that I had been lied to, I attempted to contact the individual who called me and was given some runaround reason why I couldn't speak to him (and, as I stated before, I have since misplaced his name). I made several other attempts to speak to him or to anyone who could help me, but these people are difficult to get hold of (they have 9 to 5, weekday hours, and the fact that I work during those hours, like most people, it was difficult to find time to even make the calls). When I was able to make a call, I seemed to be on terminal hold, and then sometimes I was disconnected.

    When I finally spoke to someone (a person to whom I was told I must speak in order to come to a resolution), she was completely irrational and rude (she threatened to hang up on me.....I believe I have her name written down somewhere), and she told me in one way or another that she was the highest authority at this company.

    In closing, I eventually had to cancel my credit card so this fraudulent company could no longer charge me. If anyone reads this message, and have been contacted by Consumer Health Benefits, please do yourself a favor and DO SOME RESEARCH before agreeing to anything (I would flatly say don't do it, but you don't know me and I wouldn't expect someone to blindly follow my recommendations). Make sure you write down names and phone numbers (and please store them somewhere and verify any and all information they feed you.

    Thank you very much.

  • My
      5th of Oct, 2007
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  • Mi
      10th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I too received a phone call from an agent from Consumer Health Benefits Association soliciting me for their membership benefits. I am at this point desperate for insurance coverage that I too fell for their trap. I gave the agent my debit card information and when he didn't ask for my 3 digit code on the back of the card I grew suspicious. I didn't have time to get on-line and do some research; he called back 20 minutes later to inform me that the charge had been declined. I didn't understand because I had just balanced my checkbook and knew the funds were in the bank. He then wanted to do an electronic check. Being naive and uninformed, I gave him my checking account information. After I got off the phone I googled Consumer Health Benefits Association and grew worried. I looked at their Provider Section and found that none of my doctors were included. I then looked for area doctors. I, no joke, called several phone numbers attached to these so-called listed doctors. The first office I called had never heard of Consumer Health Benefits Association and put me on hold to check with the employee who handled medical claims and she too had never heard of the company. I called a second number and it was disconnected. I called a third number and it was too disconnected. A fourth was a personal residence. A fifth was a local business not related to the Dr's. office. A sixth was too disconnected. I grew even more worried. I then called a friend that works for my bank. She immediately said it is probably fraud. I have since shut down my debit card and have issued a stop payment on my electronic check. The problem with electronic checks is that all this company has to do is change the date on the electronic check and resubmit for payment. I have other pending checks and who knows when they will be cleared. I now have to call my bank every day to issue a stop-payment on this electronic check until my other checks clear and can close my account. I am fortunate that my bank is not charging me any stop-payment fees. They also informed me that if this electronic check does clear, I can fill out fraud paperwork and try to recoup my funds. Secondly, I did call back the number the agent, Daniel, and verbally canceled my membership for further charges. He was rude and talked in circles. I told him about his company's website and how I had called the numbers provided. He said "We don't update the provider information every day." I then said, "Well how often are they updated?" He of course evaded my question and said "Well phone numbers change all the time. It's like a phone book, their published every year." I then said "I have had the same doctors for years and they have not moved or changed their phone numbers!" I then demanded he cancel my membership again. He said of course it has to be in writing and hung up. I didn't get an address from him and imagine that, I cannot find an address on their website.

  • Bl
      14th of Oct, 2007
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  • Ho
      19th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I to was by Consumer Health Benefit Association by phone after checking Health insurance quotes not a discount card company on the internet. I received a phone call from Garry, certified agent he gave me phone # 1 877 275 XXXXx348 he asked me if I was looking for health insurance and I said yes he said National Benefit offers a major medical plan and pays 80 20 and is a ppo policy, pays up to 3000 emergency room, pharmacy 10.00 generic and 20.00 name brand. Garry said vision 75% and dental 55% He said the HEALTH PLAN was 139.95 and one time charge 119.20.Garry said the reason for the great rates is this is group rates being offered at this time. He told me they are a health insurance co. but do not call call Health benefits insurance. He said he needed a two minute recorded statement and pre trained me as to exactly what to say, and when he mentions you understand we are not an insurance co dont be alarmed and dont interrupt statement as he would have to start again. After the statement I was getting skeptical, and again he tole me he is selling health insurance. I signed up later that day I checked their website and this this is not what he told me i was buying. I called Garry back and asked a coverage question, If I went to hospital and my bill was 10000.00 and he negotiated the bill to 5000.00 according to the policy he is selling 80 20 I would pay 20% which is 1000.00 and health benefits would pay 80% and send a check to hospital for 4000.00 and he said that is correct. Over the weekend I found their web and it said they do not pay medical bills. This is not what I purchased. So Monday I called Garry and left messages and he never returned calls. This was 10-15-07 So I called customer service and talked to Beige and told her to cancel immediately and explained . Later a manager called named Sharon called and wanted to know story and I told her, she said would definitely call me back that day and never did, I called back but to no avail. On10-17-07 I received a call from a person whom I did not get name and discussed problem, he told me he was a floor walker. I told him I did not want policy and cancel immediately. He said I would only get 29.00 back. I had to call bank and cancel credit card, did not want any future payments with drawn. WHAT A MESS !!

  • La
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    My husband and I were also ripped off by this "so called" insurance company which is not an insurance company at all. They even gave me a website to look up doctors in our area that participate in the program. When I called several doctors that were on the list, they never heard of this so called plan. Daniel mis-represented this insurance over the phone and told us that it was supplemental insurance that would cover what ever our primary insurance didn't cover. He (Daniel) says a lot of things about the "insurance" before he does his recorded message. He told us whatever he thought we needed to hear so we would make the purchase and haven't heard from him since. He will not answer his phone and we have left repeated messages. We are on a fixed income and could not afford $250.00 that we were charged for something we will not be able to use. What a Scam!!! I hope Daniel and whoever else is participating in this fraud gets exactly what is coming to them.

  • Mi
      13th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by United Health Benefits in LaJolle, CA. after filling out a form on the internet. I thought we contacted United Health Care, but come to find out it wasn't. As I read the complaints on this they did exactly the same thing to me. Said I getting medical insurance covers 80/20 and prescription card where my medicine would be 10/20. Asked it doctor was on list and gave name of medicine to Victor. He said they were all listed for 10-20.00. Went to get it filled pharmacy said it would be $65.59 with card. Found out then it was a discount card and not was presented to me. Never was the word discount ever brought up when talking to Victor. I reported them to the BBB for fraud the consumers. Not getting what you pay for. Them just down right lying to me. Talked to John and he hound up on me. I have an interview on Wednesday Nov. 14 with my local troubleshooter on local 12 new. Will post when it is going to be aired. If anyone has had the same problem with this company in San Diego or LaJolle California please email me I opened this mailbox just for people who have had the same problems as I have. Please respond asap if this applies to you. Thank you so much.

  • Sh
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I posted on here a couple of months ago about being taken by United Health Benefits. They make you think you are getting HEALTH INSURANCE when your only getting a dicount insurance which doesn't pay nothing for your medicine. I am reposting to see if anyone else has had the same problem with them. United Health Benefits are all over in different states. The one I am dealing with is in San Diego, California. I would like to hear from all you people that has been taken by this company. They say you have a 30 day look window, but when you try to cancel 2 weeks later they won't give you your money back. If anyone has had the same run in as I have I would sure like to hear from you. I have opened up this email box only for this. Hope to hear from everyone soon. Please contact your BBB with your complaint. The one that took my money has 77 complaints already with the California BBB. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Je
      8th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi I was taken in by this company too.I found this company when I googeled cheap health insurance .com and it asked for my information then I recieved a call a day or 2 later. I was asked if I was looking for health insuance and yes I was.I was told they were a ppo plan not an hmo plan she asked if I knew the differance I said no and she explained the differance. I thought it was a great deal after all it was only $139.00 a month for a family of 4 oh and they waive pe exsisting medical condition witch my son and I have.She said meds were $10.00 $25.00 and $50.00 depending on the generic name.She made this plan sound great when she said they have dental vision and they cover trasportation to a hospital and hospital fees on and a life insuance policy.I was okay with the fact that they want me to understand the money is not refundable after all they are coving me with insurance after all so when she told me she was gonna have me repeat a statemant but not to ask guestions till after because she did not want to record it again so stupid me did not pay any attention to what she had me repeat after all it was only supose to be a recording for the money only and to confurm your name and information after she was done I really did not even stop to think because the girl got off the phone with me as soon as she was done. A week later I got there packet and felt stupid because it says not insurance on every thing so I called the company only to have the recording hang up on me 3 times I had to call the number in the prescription book where they gave me a third number I did talk to a girl who said well you did repeat what you were asked to repeat suposivly I was alloud to interupt the recording any time i wanted witch was not told to me in the first conversation when I told her it did not matter I waned my money back because I did not know what I got that they are very deciving she belittled me by telling me well then why would you buy something without knowing what it is well because i was told through the entire call it was insuance of course she said they would never say that I also told her I could not access there web site again getting belittled well you just dont know what you are doing and that she was looking right at the sight and of corse I m real pissed at this point I spelled out exactly what I was typing in then she told me it was my computer and guess what its not I just bought this computer 2 weeks ago and had a compuer pro set it up for me I did ask to talk to her superviser and she told me flat out no she is buzy you will have to wait for a call back boy did I go off unfortunatly I was not alloud to treat her the way she treated me so she hung up on me well I called right back and I did get a supperviser this time she was willing to hear my story but still not willing to return my money the only thing she wanted to talk about was well you cant afford real insuance or you would not have sought us out but see I can afford some insuance but not all the stuff they promised they covered would be covered on those insuance companys so untill I can find some one to sue or dispute this with this company I decided to stay with the company after all they do still have my $259 (I mine as well try to get my moneys worth before I cancell right) I found a sight I left a complant on i found this sight when I put in the companys name oh if anyone wants to talk to a superviser for this company call 1877-215-2071 tell the person who answers you want a supervier right now or you'll keep call back till you talk to one it worked for me you may not get the answers you want but you may be able to cancell and leave your complaint.

  • Ch
      7th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was also taken by this company, called back two hours after I purchased it and was told that I couldnt for one month. I then called my bank and filed a dispute on my debit card, the adjusted the fee off and tonight I see that there is another chargefor 119.95 on my card not sure if this is the fee they charge for getting the fake insurance or a charge for another month, so I will have to call the bank again and find out what is going on.

  • Le
      7th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thank you all so much for these postings...I have been unemployed due to layoff for 7 months and was looking for medical insurance for me and my family. My husband was contacted just like you after a few days after filling out a form. Since we don't have a lot of money, I wanted to be sure they were legit. I'm glad that I read your posting before I made a costly mistake. I don't see one positive word about these people.

    Thanks again.

  • Mi
      14th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too same as you guys fell for this trick. i call to cancel it as soon as i realized what it was. I ask for a refund they said there is no refunds i was contacted by a man named Keith Streets who said are you looking for health insurance btw he call me on my cell phone which i find unprofessional talk to him and ask me i was looking to drop my current provider and get some cheaper and he continue talking as if this was insurance and than he proceed to do a call verification and told me that once the verification starts i must repeat everything as fast as i can because there is a time limit and if goes over i would have to start all over giving me no time to even think about what i was saying. than after i try to get a refund i was told my information would be given to a supervisor than the same woman roxize call me back saying i have information for you please call me back so i tried calling her and everytime i asked for roxize i get transferred somebody else's voice mail named maureen and when i finally got in touch with roxize she did not remember who i was than i was put on hold while she look up my information than she said what information did you need doctors than i was put on hold again and she came back and said what do you need i said i need a refund than i was put on hold again than she came back and said there is no refunds and i said well than i guess i will have to take legal action and than she got scared and put my on hold again. At that point i was pissed and hung up on them . Then she call me back while i was in the shower and left me a message that a supervisor will contact me.

  • Jo
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also took out this insurance card (discount card )to find out it was not what I was told it was going to be. When I got the info and found out I had been lied to I called my credit card company right away and put a dispute on my card. I also ask for my card to be canceled and issued a new one. The next morning I called and spoke with a lady named Kathy and told her I was very unhappy with what had happened and felt that I was taken advantage of, and I wanted a refund. I had also told her I had already contacted my lawyer and he was also aware of what was going on. She told me there was no reason to go to that extreme that she would be glad to help me. She said she was going to contact a Sharron or Kelly and have a refund issued to my account. She called me several times after saying that it had been taken care of and I told her that I would give it a couple days before my lawyer would take it any futher. At that point I did not believe I would ever see a refund due to being lied to and all the things I have read on here. This morning I checked my account and there it was a refund of the 239. that was charged for the first month. I wrote this because I promised her that if I got the refund I would let pepole know.

  • Me
      1st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    CHBA is a rip-off artist of the worst kind. Any insurance company worth its weight in salt should have an explanation of benefits available on their website for the public to view. CHBA has no such information as they are attempting to hide their shoddy discount coverage plan from the public and masquerade as a legitimate carrier.

    The person who contacted me said they were "kind of like a broker" and that all of the main carriers would be on my medical card. Their statements are fraudulent and I doubt that a single person working there has a license in the state of California to sell Medical or Life insurance. They are NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY INSURANCE CARRIERS!!!

    This is a medical discount plan that will cost you more in the long run than they provide in services. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Ku
      2nd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    First let me say I'm sorry for what you guys are going though But THANK YOU THANK YOU THNAK YOU, I too was contacted after looking for insurance on the web, Paul was the one that called me and promised and said all the same things that you guys have talked about however after doing some checking and reading what you guys have said I now know NOT to sign up, so again THANK YOU!!

  • Jo
      16th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    We canceled before they could charge our card but they then sold our number to a bunch of other fake insurance companies in Las Vegas. Numbers are 702-448-6451 and 702-966-9893. They call like twice a day. The rep my wife spoke to at CHBA was Steven Tonn at 352-680-9235, who is located at 4 Pine Circle Run, Ocala, FL 34472.

  • Gr
      12th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thank you all for putting your experiences on the web. I was contacted after clicking a free insurance quote icon (dumb mistake). Fortunately, I found this site before I committed to buying anything. Buyers beware - if it sounds too good to be know the rest.

  • Ri
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too got a call, but he clearly told me it iwas not an insurance company but he also said it is not a discount plan.

    I think we should understand that what they are selling is a membership into a group which can negotiate prices on your behalf. Much like what AARP or AAA discount cards would offer.

    So when they say no pre-existing, no deducticble etc, though misleading, it means that if you can afford the cost after the discounts, then you can go anywhere you wish to.

    What is missing that they should provide a list of doctors which I can call and verify that these discounts are indeed offered and is not limited to some looney docs in some areas who jack up the prices before giving discounts.

    But the concept and idea of collective bargaining is a great one. Specially if government or a non-profit organization wishes to contribute to the society by offering meds or discounts.

  • Ed
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by phone by CHBA. In fact they called me so many times but I ignored them.
    I had looked into health insurance but then I didn't want to be contacted and avoided calls. Whoever had called before gave up.
    I finally answered one of their calls. It was on my cell. I am sure they only could have gotten the number from my inquiries about health insurance but of course they did not offer insurance and they told me on the phone it was not insurance. They also told me the first payment could not be refunded.
    I felt I needed some health coverage and I thought this discount program would help me with medical care for my diabetes, heart disease and even optical and dental.
    When I got my card I went to a drug store and they told me using the card would cost me more. I didn't understand that. I got the same response from my doctor when I needed to get a stress test to take a strenuous course at a gym. Knowing just a little I thought I would have to pay the greater payment then file with the company and get a refund or something.
    I never got that far with the process.
    The abundance of material about what the program did and how to deal with the program confused me.
    Time passed. I kept trying to figure out the thing. I went to their website. I always find legitimate companies have some sort of support at their website. I usually use e-mail to deal with companies I am having difficulty with. CHBA's website's email did not work. I couldn't send with the e-mail address.
    I remembered a number to call and finally I called it, months into my subscription and it referred me to the website. Well, that really upset me because I knew how useless the website was except to tell me which doctors were included in their networks. The included doctors in the networks did not seem to think much of the network and they had no help to offer in how to process my discounts although I only went to one, my personal family doctor who was listed, if my memory serves.
    Anyway, being unable to get through via the number they offered I wrote to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs which referred me to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Education, Advocacy and Research.
    FDOFS told me that CHBA claimed all money was honestly earned and refused a refund of any sort much less the full refund I desired. My credit card had been debited for over $800 by that time. The only good news was that they would cancel my subscription.
    For a long time, at least one month, I was taken in by their certificate claiming that if I did not save as much as I spent they would give a free year of service. I didn't understand that if I didn't know how to use the service I would never get any service. I was never able to communicate with any one in the association after I purchased the program. Only through the FDOFS was I able to get anay satisfaction whatsoever.
    Another assertion that makes one hesitate to take action on the subscription is CHBA's claim to be non-profit. You wonder why a non-profit should want to take advantage of you.

  • Di
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    Thanks for all these postings. This is a scam. I too was contacted multiple times by this company after searching the internet for health insurance. The first red flag was they said I had to purchase today to get this price. I put them off. They kept calling and the plan sounded too good to be true. I started researching the company. They would not offer a list of providers until I paid. That was the 2nd red flag. All the other companies I had called provided that information. I questioned the representative about that and she just talked in circles. They had no written information or brochure to send out and refused to send me an email with their quotes that was the 3rd red flag. Finally I found their web site and saw that they had almost 450 complaints in 36 months. This company is not a health insurance but a discount health plan and none of the providers can be found. They take your money and run. Fortunately, I did not enroll in this rip off.

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