Consumer Direct Warranty Servicesthey lied and kicked me to the curb

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They called me about 3 yrs ago and said they represented extended warranty coverage for our car. That our original coverage had just run out. They said they covered certain major parts of my engine and if there would be any problems, they would pay for services, to have it fixed. I've made payments every month and have never missed not one of them. I took my car in to be fixed due to some knocking coming from my engine, now they tell me, their not reliable to cover payments to have it fixed because it was due to ware and tear from driving my car. which they never told me this in our orininal agreement. Now its going to cost me $4, 000.00 to have my van fixed because it needs a new motor, including $675.00 for the dealership taking my motor apart to find the problem. I drove my car in and now have to have it towed out and can't drive it any more, because they had to take the motor apart to see what was wrong with it and it can't be put back together. They told me it had to be broken or crushedor shattered into pieces in order for them to pay for fixing any part that was damaged. I payed all this money and they ripped me off in my time of need, due to what they call wear and tear.


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      Jul 30, 2009

    I know where you are coming from. I had a similar problem with them. When they called me the first time, I didn't have my vehicle nearby so I guessed at the mileage. Once I realized the mileage was incorrect, I called them to correct it on my warranty. In order to correct the mileage I had to get a statement from a service technician as to the actual mileage. Then it was corrected. I asked the representative if I was then covered. He said they would pay for any repairs from that point forward. Then when I needed service on my engine, they refused to pay saying that I had only driven the vehicle 50 miles since the warranty was put into effect. That was not so. I had driven 550 miles before this happened. Once they refused to pay for repairs, I had the warranty cancelled. In the paperwork it says that if you cancel within 60 days you will receive your payments back minus 10%. They sent me a letter saying that the warranty was cancelled 62 days after the beginning of coverage so I would not get anything back. The problem I have with this is that I had to call them several times and also emailed them to cancel my coverage. I sent back the information they requested in their pamplet by certified mail so it would be cancelled in a timely manner. I had to call to make sure they received the information. After receiving the information it took them 17 more days to actually cancel the warranty. That way, it went over the 60 day timeframe so they wouldn't have to return my money. This is a bunch of crock. You can never reach anyone by phone. When you leave messages, they never call you back. The representative that told me I would be working with him should I have any problems, doesn't have an extension anymore and I can't reach anyone. Not even an operator. They really screwed me over. I didn't have that extra money to give away. I live on a tight budget. My husband is disabled and I work only part time. I had to come up with $3, 000 to repair my vehicle plus the money I had paid in to them so I wouldn't have to pay out the $3, 000. Now I am deep in debt for the repairs and out my warranty coverage money. What can be done about this type of service? How can I get my money back?

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