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They withdrew money from my checking account without my consent. I am on a limited income and this might make my account overdrawn.

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  • Jo
      Aug 26, 2008

    safe id is affliated with free credit report .com.I filed a complaint against them.Also triple advantage, credit advantage are all in it together.Lets all confront them and stop them from taking our hard earned money.they are modern day thiefs, LET'S STOP THEM.

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  • Sh
      Sep 24, 2008

    They withdrew money from my checking account without my approval. I don't even know who they are. I am a single parent and my money is tight. This withdrawal caused my account to be overdrawn.

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  • Ly
      Sep 24, 2008

    I live in Florida and in the last 3 weeks I have had $160.00 withdrawn from my account for $30.00 of gas. This was done at two different vendors I am afraid to name. In tough times this is crazy and unacceptable.

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  • Do
      Sep 30, 2008

    Your company withdrew $49.95 from my checking account without my approval. I have no idea who or
    what you are. Please return my money and the $25.00 my bank charged me for an overdraft.

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  • Va
      Oct 01, 2008

    I think this company is committing fraud since they withdraw your money without your consent. I know my account was overdrawn and they should be responsible to pay for that as well. They should refund our account.

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  • Ka
      Oct 02, 2008

    I do not know who this company is and the are withdrawning money from my checking account and when I tried to call to find who they are I can never get anyone. [protected]. I need help with this.

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  • So
      Oct 05, 2008

    This place needs to be stopped. This morning I learnt that they withdrew money from my account and I don't even know who the hell they are and I never authorized them to do so. As far as I am concerned these people are thieves and need to be arrest and put in jail for ripping off hard working people.

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  • Ma
      Oct 06, 2008

    on two days ago you took money out of myaccount that i did not authorise to do so i would like for it return at once or my lawer will call

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  • El
      Oct 10, 2008

    I'am a mother of 5 boys and some withdrew money from my checking acct to $49.95 and whene i did call them up they said there where going to put my money in to my acct and they have not done it yet call back to [protected] and no one picks up at all now that sucks so now i have to close my acct for that hope they get them soon

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  • Ch
      Oct 13, 2008
    Consumer - unauthorized bank withdrawl
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I had given my personal information for a payday loan website. I decided not to utilize any of the companies. However, on Friday October 1o, 2oo8. my checking account was charged for a check # 8741 for $49.95 with out my consent I looked up the check and notice it was from a company I did not Know for ( Platinum Member Fortress Secured INC.) When I tried t call and dispute these charges and be refunded my money all I got was an answering machine which put you on hold and evenly disconnected you all together.

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  • Ja
      Oct 15, 2008
    Consumer - unauthorized bank wiyhdrawl
    5504 buttonwood ct.monmouth junction
    South Brunswick
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On october 14thmy checking acct was debited $ 49.95 for a platinum member fortress secured card. I have know idea who they are. how do I get my money back. I never authorized a debit.

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  • Wa
      Oct 16, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. Now I do not know what to do.

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  • Da
      Oct 17, 2008

    I too had given info for a payday loan. 2 weeks later my account was in the negative for being charged 49.95 from a company I had never heard of (Consumer Bill). Tried calling the number and I also tried to do the live chat on their web site with no response. These people need to be reported.

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  • Co
      Oct 19, 2008

    I had the same thing to happen to me. I just went online at and filled out the refund information. I hope that they will refund my money. I have never heard of this company.

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  • Cy
      Oct 20, 2008

    I have not received my refund yet, I want my 49.95 back from your company I spoke with someone over 2 weeks ago and have been very patient about receiving my money. I am now sending you this email to ask where is my money!!! You need to let me know as soon as possible when I should expect my refund.

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  • Cy
      Oct 20, 2008

    This was an unauthorized withdrawal and you should not do this to people, TAKE THEIR MONEY!!!

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  • Mo
      Oct 21, 2008

    Hello All,
    I was scammed also. I contacted the BBB in Nevada but because they are not affiliated with the BBB then they can't force them to respond. The BBB gave me a number to call in the State of Nevada. It is the Nevada Department of Consumber Affairs [protected]) and they can put a stop to this company. I talked to Mike Hasltine and he said go to and click on forms, and then complaint forms, and then the Reno Nevada address. The company real name is "Customer Service Inc" and the is not to blame. The is their billing department. I was advised to print the complaints that are listed on the internet as well as any information regarding to your issue. If you want to talk to the correct person call [protected] and also file a claime with the above address and BBB. The BBB said they have 148 complaints about this customer but contact the Nevada Consumer Affairs to put at stop to this company. Mike told me this company has to make the terms and conditions readable and noticable and they can not go in your bank account by hacking this information from the Payday loan website. I received a copy of the terms and conditions. It says they will debit your bank account for the monthly dues of only Seventeen dollars and Ninety Five cents and a one time enrollment fee of only Forty Nine dollars and Ninety Five cents after the 7 day trial period. Remember this is a risk free offer and for your convenience, you can contact us via phone or chat at our customer service site of within the first 7 days to cancel, and you will not be charged/debited the monthly fee. However, if we accidently missed the terms and conditions, they are taking the $49.95 before the 7 day trial so they are breaching their terms and this is unautorized. We have a case. Please take immediate actions because per the email they sent me today, after the $49.95 and the $39.95, they would charge either $16.95 for one and month $17.95 for the either.

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  • Pa
      Oct 22, 2008

    I DID NOT authorized a debit from my checking account in the amount of $49.95. The Check No. listed is 2066097. My bank tells me that your company is named: Platinum Member Secure Fortress Secured, Inc.

    PLEASE! Put the $49.95 back into my account ASAP! I will file a claim with my bank if no action is taken by tomorrow, 10/23/08.

    Pauline Fields

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  • Ti
      Oct 29, 2008

    The answer to my problem will begin with the BBB! Then Fox news, , ABC news, my lawyer.This will be stopped!!!

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  • Jo
      Oct 30, 2008
    Consumer - Rip off
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was looking for a personal loan and I had check my with my
    bank to find out what my account balance was and I noticed
    that money was beening take my account with out my permission. First it was $49.95 for a memership fee then the
    next there was $39.95 taking out of my bank account by
    Consumer I do not know who this people are and I
    did'en gave my permission to take money out of my bank
    account. The Bank gave there phone number of [protected] to called I had talk to chet on 10/01/08
    and ask him what is fee of $49.95 was for? It said it was for a
    Membership fee I told Chet I did not sign up for any memership
    so then said when looking for a personal loan you sign for a
    membership fee I said I was looking for a personal loan but
    there was noting that said anything about a membership fee.
    Chet told me I would have my money refund check with in
    4-5 business days. After I wait 5 business days and I did not
    received my refund check I called consumer bill .com again and spoke with Mary and she it is 30-45 days before I will
    receive my refund check. Well today is 30 days send they
    starting taking out money out of account and still no check.
    I again called today and demand my check and they are telling
    now it 30-45 business days before I receive my check. That is
    not right. When they had no business in the first place taking
    money out of bank account. I finally had to closed my bank
    account so they can not take any more money out of my bank

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  • Da
      Oct 30, 2008

    i got a pay day loan for 200 dollars.i was charge 29.95 3 times then i was charge 49.95 all in the same month .this is a complete rip- off and it must stop right now

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  • Ro
      Oct 31, 2008

    i was also took for money it was my son money he get for ssi i cant not c how they got the money from his ssi money it was not my money i am thr payee i am his mother i dont understand how the bank let them take from my son money

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  • Da
      Nov 06, 2008

    before my husband and i realized it, on 4 separate dates took money out of our account! on 09/22/08, 09/24/08, 09/29/08 & 10/06/08! each time they took $49.95! for what and who authorized you access into my account? i called and spoke with the "supervisor" Claudia who promised to send us a refund. well it is now Nov 6 and we still have not seen a single penny from them! I WANT OUR MONEY BACK TOO! I was promised my money back so give it back! you obviously have my information, you stole money from us! if anyone starts a lawsuit, please keep our email address! i would love to see consumerbill pay!

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  • Di
      Mar 16, 2009

    I have been ripped off as well regarding my refund. I have spoken Jessica, Shawn, & Jason on numerous occasion for my money. All tell the same LIE your refund was sent you should have recieved it by now. It was sent to your checking account that has been closed. Payment was for forward to your mailing address on file. The weather was bad do not understand why you have not received your refund. ALL LIES LIES LIES. This company has millions of people monies and refuses to pay me/us back. I will be calling each and every day for money. It's unfair we have rights and it's there respoonsible to hand/release our money. As long as they are open I will be calling for my checks.

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