Consumer Base / Bad Product

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We had bought a list of Realtors from 5 surrounding areas around Orlando Florida. There are approximately 20, 000 Realtors ithe area. The first list they send wasn't even Realtors. I knew that I was in some sort of trouble at that point. The next list they gave us 3300 names with only 206 being in the counties we ordered. Of theose 206, there were 127 after taking out back phone numbers. I was then shuffled to a manager, Michael) who basically believres they did everything correctly. Meanwhile I'm out $500 and do not have anyone to call. It's also interrupted our calling program as we were starting our first interviews on Wednesday.

I'm still looking for a new list company. I can tell you, that this company was not only rude, they don't stick behind their product. Stay away...Stay Very Far Away!

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