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Consumer Auto Rewards / Unauthorized Charges

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Contact information:
Consumer Auto Rewards
Phone: 1-866-335-2467
Early April, I received a call on my cell phone informing me of this companys' rewards program. In order to receive the information I was required to pay a$2.95 handling fee. I gave the okay. The packagae would include a $100 gift certificate that I could redeem at a variety of store (Target, Home Depot, etc.). I was told that if I choose not to continue the program after the trial period that the gift certificate was mine to keep.

After several weeks and not having received the information, a charge of $29.96 and $25.00 was charged to my card. I notified my bank and reported the charges as not being authorized. I explained thes situation and they supplied me with the phone number to Consumer Auto Rewards. I immediately called and explained the problem and was told that my monies are not refundable because I called past the trial period. I explained that how was i to get in touch with them when I did not have any contact information. I did not get any repsponse to that question. Once told that my money would not be refunded. I told the }representative" that I wanted to speak with their supervisor and was told that they would tell me the same thing. I told the representative that if my money was not refunded, I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office for Consumer Protection as well as the BBB. I was then informed that my $29.95 would be refunded in 5-7 days (This was on 04/22). I was hold however that the $25.00 is NOT refundable as it is a set-up fee. I told the representative that I DO NOT want the service. I was given a refund authorizaion number and a cancellation number.

I called my bank back and if the refund is not received in the specified time frame (give a day or so), I can duspute the charges (both the $29.95 & $25.00). It was also suggested that cancel my card and get a new one as apparently this company has been known to continue charges even if you cancel the service.


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N  18th of Dec, 2008 by 
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In late November, Consumer Auto Rewards called my cell phone, stating that if I signed up for a trial period with them, I would receive a $100 Visa Giftcard. I would be charged $5 for the Auto Rewards, and $2 for the Advanced Benefits Inc trial. I decided that I would try it and I gave them the ok to take the small fee from my banking account. It was made very clear to me that if I did not cancel the subscription with in the trial period, I would be charged the monthly fee's that the subscription would cost. As soon as I received my information in the mail, I called the phone number to cancel my trial period so that I would not be charged. The woman that I talked to on the phone cleary stated that my trial period was NOT up, and would I like to wait to cancel to receive the full benefits of the trial. I said no, repeatedly, roughly 3 to 4 times before she went through with the cancellation. She then gave me a cancellation number that I wrote down. The second trial that I signed up for came in the mail a couple days later and I once again called the cancellation number as soon as I received it and spoke to a gentleman who canceled it. He also gave me a cancellation number, but I was driving and I could not write the number down. Since this paperwork came late in the mail I may have missed the trial period and canceled later then I should have. Which technically is not my fault since I could not call without the phone number, which was in the paperwork. On this past Tuesday morning I checked my checking account online, to find that I was charged $54.95 from the Auto Rewards and $19.95 from the Advanced Benefits section. As soon as I left work I called the number that I had called the first time to cancel. The woman that I talked to on the phone told me that nothing could be done without my cancellation number and that my subscription with them was still active. How could this be possible when I called at least a week ago? I then told her that I should not need to have a cancellation number, because they should have done their job right in the first place. Once I got home, I called again, this time with the cancellation number. The woman that I spoke to on the phone was 'Ashley Jones' and she told me that the cancellation number meant nothing. I asked to talk to a manager, and she pried at me to tell her why I needed to talk to her. After a few minutes of a debate she went to go get the manager. A couple minutes later she came back on the phone and I heard someone in the background saying 'Is this still the same issue?' She then came back onto the phone to tell me that the manager would not speak to me. I want to know, why I cannot speak to a manager of a company that stole my money?? Next i asked 'Ashley' what the managers name was, as I was going to report this to the BBB and the Attorney's General Office if I needed to. She at first told me that she did not know the managers name, which I said 'How can you not know the managers name when you were just talking to her?' she then stated that her name was 'Miranda Walker'. She made it very clear on the phone that I would absolutely, positively, NOT receive a rebate. She told me that I violated the policy by going past the trial period, which I know I did NOT. And that my cancellation number meant nothing, and would Not even take it. I then asked her for the head office phone number so that I could talk to someone, and she told me that there was NO phone number. How can this be? She then gave me the address, which is completely useless to me. I will be calling my bank today to try to get my money back, as this company is clearly in the wrong for taking the 54.95 out of my checking account, with out authorization, and against the policy that I was told to follow, and 100% DID follow. This is unfair treatment to a citizen, and I want my money back, as well as this company being fined of some sort.
N  9th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Consumer Auto Rewards called and told me for $1.95 I would receive an info packet and a $100. gift card that was mine to keep for just reviewing the package. I received the packet looked it over. And decided to cancel. (By the way the $100. gift card was bogus) I received a cancelation # and told I would not be billed for the service. The same day I cancelled- a fee for $54.95 was deducted from my bank account. I called to see what happened and to receive a refund. They told me you could not receive a refund and that I had passed the trial period. I told them that the person I talked to 3 days earlier said I would not be charged and that I would like to talk to a manager. They told me that the manager was busy with another call. I said I would wait. They said it was no use waiting and after much pleading to talk to a manager -they eventually told me I couldn't speak with the manager and good bye!
N  9th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I just had the same experience with Consumer Auto Rewards and I just filed a complaint with the BBB. I just want the $74.90 they charged me back!
A  15th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Same experience! I called on Dec 29th, before I even had the paperwork, as I had been charged for another of their scams on the same sales call- safe secure, before I had even gotten the paperwork on that. However, SafeSecure did refund my money. AutoRewards said they didn't have a record of that call and I was not eligible for the refund. I too will call a complaint to BBB. Not that they seem to do much.
A  21st of Jan, 2009 by 
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Well, seems that this company is allowed to do what ever they want what I want to know is how they have our bank information and at what point are they held accountable for this illegal action. I have sent complaints to the better bussiness bureu yet no one has contacted me. I have 4 different cancelation # for 4 different times I spoke to someone. I pray that a spirit of conviction come upon this company and the Bible says that they will have to pay back 7x's the amount that they stole! i pray in the name of Jesus!!
N  22nd of Jan, 2009 by 
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Did these people have your credit card info or did you give it to them??? just wondering... they called me and said for $1.95... but I told them, NOT INTERESTED!
N  27th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I had same experience.I tried to call back the number on my caller ID & its been disconnected.
I also went to their web page & all the emaill addresses & I sent email to 3 emails addresses, like support, cust.service etc & all the emails came back undeliverable

Half the way through the phone presentation I told him I did not want it & he said OK I'll just send it & hung up.

3 things
How do you get a Phone ID for a disc Phone
How did he get my Credit card number
He said he was calling because I was a preferred customer &
said he was offering this because of our promptness

Lets all take a 10 minutes & write to our State Attorneys Office
We need to stop this activity.
N  3rd of Feb, 2009 by 
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Beware of these people. They tell you about your "Free gas card" that you have to jump thru hoops to get. It's a total scam. I canceled my "membership" 3 days before the trial ended and they still billed me $54.95. I called and talked to DAVID WEBB who was helpful until I told him I wanted a refund since I had canceled before trial ended. He said I was ineligible for refund and wouldn't budge. I have my bank going after them now.

Beware, they are scammers and their product is garbage. Just do a triple-a membership if you need something like this. BEWARE. Scammers!
A  3rd of Feb, 2009 by 
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There are many reports of these people and their scams. I agree, run away, fast.
D  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i disagree..

i actually had their membership last dec. 16 2008 and i was contacted by their sales person and i was offered a risk free trial thats for 10 days..since they promised me for a gift card which is worth a $100, and they would ship it out for 5-7 days and they would bill me 1.95 just for taking a look at their materials..and after 6 days, i received the packet, all the information was their, along with that is the form that i have to fill in and mail it to them so that i would redeem my gift card and then i immediately called in to cancel since the phone number is found in the packet, after following the instructions, i received the gift card then i used it to walmart for discounts, though I am no longer their member. and after someday's i looked at my statements and i saw that I was only billed for 1.95..somehow i was able to use the gift card and had them on my hands.
Just and advice.
If you would agree into something especially and risk free trial..don't ever forget to write down their customer service number so that you could call them if in case there's a unauthorized charges on your statements.
CAR was able to help me somehow.
And i don't think they're scams.
N  8th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i would just like to comment on your statements...

i would like you to know that we citizens really get phone calls from telemarketers, selling stuff over the phone, calling in regards to our credit cards or debit cards, and offer us programs or memberships that we ought to try or not,  it would be our decisions if we will agree to them..
just an advice:
if someone calls you in regards to your credit cards or debit cards, offering you stuff with a trial, if you are really interested, why dont you give it a try, just be aware that you have a trial coz if it not and if in case you forgot, then your money is at risk, if you find that its out of your interest then call them or find a way to cancel your trial so that there will be no problems in the future for you...
if you have an authorized charges on your billing statement...contact your bank right away...and find a way to solve that problem...
just a observations...
most of us citizens would agree into a trial over a phone and would intentionally or not forget what weve agreed for, until we found out that we charges on our card..
and would call those people working on a company whose just following policies...
and blame them for your own actions...
if you agree into something then dont just disregard it...
we all know that our economy right now are not good status..
dont risk your money into something that your really not interested for...
and would blame those company or the people who work for them...
if they say we cannot reverse those charges then we cannot do anything about it, esp when they say its a terms and conditions.
it would be our blame, for we are the ones who decide into something that we are fully aware of...
lets be open minded...lets not create chaos in ourselves...we know we are responsible for the things that we decide all the time, lets not blame someone for our mistakes...were just humans...

if you dont want this to happen to you..then dont answer telemarketing phone calls...esp when they refer to your personal stuff.

just a piece of advice.

A  9th of Feb, 2009 by 
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First of all, I agree w/the person who made the complaint. They have their information right and know what they are talking about. This sandra lady who responded and said she's a psychologist needs to go back to school to be more convincing that she is in fact what she says she is, especially given the broken & random thoughts, blaming of the victim, incorrect grammer, ignorance, etc. This person above has a legitimate complaint that needs to be heard. I receieed a call from Consumer Auto Rewards today on my cell phone that is on a do not call list. I asked a lot of questions and they were very shady in answering my questions. They at first acted like they were a rep from my credit card company and were calling on behalf of benefits associated w/that card. I provided them with no informaiton, but they knew my name, address, and quoted the last four digist of my card. I did not agree to their offer and asked them to provide me a telephone number for me to call them back once I talk over with my husband. "Ashley Webster" hesitated and talked very fast-- almost to where it was impossible to hear or make out what she was saying. I kept telling her no and asked for her agency name and number. I then immediately tried calling the number she gave me multiple times, but someone would pick it up and then hang up, etc. I called my credit card company, and they don't know this agency and is no way affiliated with them. I put a block on my credit card after looking up more info on these people and finding that several people made a definite reponse of no but was still sent the information. Once they send you the info, then most of what I've read is people saying they will charge you no matter what. Also from what I researched is that even if someone does agree for the info to be sent and they cancel WITHIN the time frame (no forgetting like Sandra mentioned), they were still charged.
N  12th of Feb, 2009 by 
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would you please tell me about fidetily

I cant seem to find it any where
N  23rd of Feb, 2009 by 
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these people have taken money out of my account without my permission i have asked for a refund more than once and am now trying to find out how to file a law suit agenst them for my 54.95 plus all legal fees and anything else that can be encluded jerry
ps i agree with linda we all should look into a class action law suit
N  2nd of Mar, 2009 by 
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I was told by the representative that I would be able to cancel this program after reviewing mailing received and no charge would be made to my account. I called within 10 days of my receiving the packet and canceled. I now have a charge of $54.95 on my credit card and I am requesting that $54.95 be refunded to my credit card. I tried calling twice and both representatives refused to credit me the refund stating I called one day late. I requested to speak with a supervisor or manager and both representatives refused and the 2nd individual hung up on me. I have been unsuccessful in getting this charge returned. Also I tried to email through the website given on the phone and emails are returned as undeliveralble.
N  2nd of Mar, 2009 by 
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I'm the latest to get scammed by these people. I made them playback my recording from the day that I was contacted and to my surprise they only recorded certain parts...the parts where they talked fast and disregarded your "I Decline". I"m out of nearly $80 just like that! They wouldn't budge, so now I'm going back to Wachovia with hopes that they will handle it.
N  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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Same thing happened to me. They NEVER mentione anything about Car Rewards or Free Trial.

I canceled my so called "membership" after I had gotten documents in the mail, and they had already billed me $54.95. I called and talked to MARIA who was helpful until who said they put in for my refund. That has been 2 weeks now. I have my bank going after them now.
N  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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HELLO C, A, REW. yes i got the package on 3-2-09for the autos rewards well i just wanted to CANCEL this Its something I DONT NEED OR USE thanks barbara marsh;;442, toms knob rd;rocky, mount virginia.24151.. ;;& i, m SENDING IT BACK TO PO box 280150, Tampa Florida.33682, ;; 3-3-09 & i would like a reply in email please ;; mrshbrbr@yahoo.com ;;; 11;25am;;; 3-3-09;;;thanks ps i, m sorry for sending but could not find a canseled siye
N  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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N  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Feb 2009, I received a phone call about all this great savings stuff, I told them no thanks but receved stuff in the mail anyways. I was reading through it all and noticed I had all this free trial stuff, so I called and cancled it all, and then they said I would get $100.00 for free. That was a sacm, I called my credit card becasue they billed it to them, which I am not sure how they got it in the first place, I told them no thanks on the phone. I have not been credited back all the money they took yet, still looking on how I can find someone to look into them getting into my account. But this is a joke and a scam!! Jen

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