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Consolidated Opportunities / Make believe/Scam

1 10201 S. 51st St #120 Phoenix, AZ 85044Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-940-3070 or 866-400-2997

Do not fall for this stay at home making money scams through internet. The sales counselor is very skillful using high pressure tactics to get you to sign up with their proven system where you make money from someone filling out an online form to apply for a loan from your website; it would not surprised me if He/She used to be a car salesman and let me tell you, they are strong closer. The tactics words of choice that they used for example: I understand your side, we are not paramids programs, its not a get rich overnight, dont spend any more of your money although we will do it for you, dont wast your time doing your own work although we will do it all for you and the first paycheck that you recieved, pay off that credit card that you have used to pay them to advertise and here is a best one, take 10% out of your commission check and save it to re-invest into the business. All of this slangs they use, becareful what you say over the phone, they records every words and conversations tricking you to say the words yes, so they can run up your credit cards. The sign up fee cost $195.00 and upwards to $350 for extras with the website; if you bargain enough with them you can get all the package for 195.00 and that's not done, after you pay for your basic package you will get a follow up phone call like the next day by the sales rep asking you for more money to get the business rolling and will guarantees you to earn commission ($5 to $100) on every lead generated through your site whether they get a new loan or not! Get paid up to 4 times per lead. They charge $1.99 processing fee per lead. Aggressively they will try to sells you a diffrent levels of advertising costs ($3K, $6K or $8K) to get traffic rolling to your website which is necessary to get to the income level promised and to get anywhere with the website you've already purchased to earn income. Their catch is, the more you spend the more advertising they will do for you which suppose to increase your leads or click. "Dont fall for its B.S" My advice to you is cancelle your credit card you gave them over the phone ASAP and go or contact to your local bank and file Unauthorized charges on your credit card. I myself have alreday contacted State attorney explaining what taking place with this company in there state and they have noted about the issues. You know its bad enough that Americas is getting scams over internet by those Nigrians and now this; and its truly makes me sick and I wonder how those idiots sleep at night. State Attorney sated they will look into this company although they already have more than 200 complaints and continue to climb. Before you invests into this fly by night company claims to be legit, contact state attorney of AZ firsts and get their advice. So, if you have already spent the money on your 195 or 350 package but afraid to give them any money, before you agreed to give them more money asked them to show you proof of your website they have created for you and tell them you will do your own advertising from here and will take that chance on someones' to stumble and click on to your website; I will guaranteed you that HE/SHE will hang up the phone on you or play it off like mr. nice guy/gal.

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  • Ca
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    I also got taken by these guys. I, however, was told that I needed to call my credit card companies (2 to be exact) and get the charge "pre-approved" . As this was their policy. They were very demanding. They did submit one payment before I had actually given the card company approval and then the card co. called me for approval.
    I am so disappointed in myself for believing that this was real. I will never do any internet business again.

  • Bu
      29th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    The old adage “There is strength in numbers” remains true to this day. Many people have been wronged, and taken for hundreds and thousands of dollars, but feel alone with no one to turn to; No one that they can rely on to aid them in getting the justice that they are warranted. Well I am one of those people, and I have been victimized and taken advantage of by a “company” that calls itself Consolidated Opportunities. But, I refuse to be a victim any longer! I refuse to sit idly by and allow these scam artists to continue taking advantage of the hardworking, ambitious people of America that only want to make a better living for their families and themselves. I want to organize, protest, write, talk, scream, and shout about the scandalous deeds of Consolidated Opportunities. The people that they have scammed out of Thousands of dollars only wanted to make their way into the American Dream… well in the essence of America I will exercise my freedom of speech and I urge you to joy me by doing the same. Together We can get the Justice that We Deserve!

  • Ge
      6th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Anybody know new updates about this fraud compamy

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