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AVOID Conscious Box, they are a SCAM!

I purchased a prepaid 6 month Conscious Box account via Amazon. While Conscious Box's idea certainly is a good one, the items provided are not really worth it.

We have NOT been happy with their products, so requested that our account NOT be continued beyond the six month prepaid period ended.

I am a trusting soul, so I didn't catch the fact that they were over charging me and charging me AGAIN! How DARE they accept my prepayment via Amazon, and then charge me an additional 107.70!

Shame on me for not catching the error until now. Shame on Conscious Box for CONTINUING my account and charging me an additional 107.70 well after I requested it be canceled after the prepaid period ended!

I guess I’m lucky they decided to be greedy and auto renew our subscription, or I’d never have discovered the fact they basically charged us TWICE for two six month Conscious Box memberships.

(1) 107.70 for our initial six months, for which we paid in advance via Amazon.

(2) Auto renewal for an account which WAS not supposed to be continued on beyond the initial membership.

Conscious Box DOES not have a customer support phone number listed. Nor do they offer ANY means of canceling accounts online.

They have never shipped anything but boxes full of basically sample sized items, for which we were charged an outrageous amount of money.

I contacted Chase and instructed them to refuse any future charges made by Conscious Box, inc. Additionally, I requested a refund of the unauthorized auto-renewal charges made by Conscious Box, inc. I have lodged formal complaints against Conscious Box, to both the BBB and the FTC. I expect our account to be canceled, and full refunds for ALL the money fraudulently charged to us.

Jul 5, 2015

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