Consadine's SalonJoe Consadine

Cut: So disappointing when I took in a picture and explained exactly how I wanted my hair done that Joe didn't even come CLOSE to what I wanted!
He only has one style and everyone gets it - the A-line bob. No matter what you ask for or what you show him, this is what you get.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bloomington, ILColor: Well, for one thing, do you like sitting with color dripping into your eyes while you wait? No thought as to what might happen to the client, just slap on the color any old way. When I got home, I noticed the color started a full 3/4" from my scalp. The highlights were very blocky and blotchy looking. Not natural or even artistically done. Just a slap job.
If you like listening to gossip and smelling cigarette smoke and you want an A-line bob with "highlights" that are essentially "all over color" and hi-maintenance...this is your place! And it's not cheap either! Run far away!

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