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Conquer online / Non buyers - Buyers inbalance

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Several years back Conquer Online (online role playing game) was a free game for all people to play, eventually TQ digital bought the game rights and began changing the game for there own benefit (firstly yes they are entitled to making money from the game, but it is there approach which has stirred alot of commotion within the community).

in Conquer Online a dragonball is a rare item which allows the discoverer the ability to upgrade the quality of there items, a gem is a rare item which allows the discoverer to combine the gem to an equipment which has a slot, this gem offers a bonus to the item it is socketed in. TQ digital cashed in on these by setting up a dragonball purchase scheme, the purchases are as follow, TQ point card A (5 dragonballs) $7.99 TQ point card B(10 dragonballs) $14.99 and a bulk pack which is 25 times TQ point card B $340. The game was the adjusted as follows, all dragonball drop rates decreased, all gem discovery decreased, introduction of a shopping mall (allows the player with conquer points (dragonballs are converted into conquer points (215 cps per dragonball), the shopping mall sells all rare items for rediculus prices)

TQ digital then brought out even more patches for the game such as lottery, if a person has CP's they can enter a lotto for a chance of finding something rare, but the chances of finding something good is slim. The game takes turns especially with each patch is a new feature for the customer (i.e. people who buy), next there is the VIP system which was released this week which allows people who pay to access there warehouses from a variety of locations, it also allows the payer to repair and upgrade equipment without having to be in a city, this is to get to VIP lvl 1 which allows u to access your warehouse just outside first city (If you credit TQ Point Cards >=150 USD from Jan. 1st, 2008, then you are eligible to the VIP service.), the prices then double for each VIP lvl until lvl 3 where you then have to make a commitment of paying a consistant number of purchases to MAINTAIN your vip lvl. for the new years TQ digital released a patch they called the new years shopping rush. it offered packages of rare items for absolutely rediculus prices and the offers only lasted for two days, this is the link, bare in mind 1 dragonball can be converted into 215 cps, the most expensive "value pack" was over 7000cp's well over anyones budgets.

these new patch releases are for what the Conquer community refers to as the bulkers of Conquer online, the people who have accessive amounts of money, to further illustrate this, a person who spends 5 years playing this game, can be surpassed within a week both in item quality and strength. further more players reporting complaints such as hacking have been ignored (players who have not been paying). The game is considered a free game, but TQ not only insists on purchases to the extent that every 5 minutes a message appears on screen ( is the only website which is authorized to sell dragonballs) so with continious patch releases for buyers and these messages and the overwhelming advantage a buyer has, it is impossible to avoid that TQ digital do not want non buyers on there servers. This game has seen more hatred by its players than in any game i have ever played (i have played alot of games and nothing even comes close)


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  • Sn
      12th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree, that the prices of these dragon balls should be sold at a reduced price. Ive been playing the game since 2003 and ive seen the changes this game went under at first hand.

    Not only does this game sell high priced virtual items. If your planning to buy enough dragonballs to have the maximum amount of gear on one character. You have to spend between 10k-15k $

    This game has the most amount of hacks ive seen since counterstrike source. And its mostly from sites like

    Also the amount of Icons in your play screen are cluttering up the gameplay (VIP icon, mentor icon, nobility icon, etc )

  • At
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes
    Conquer online - quest trouble
    1132 s. wheeling ave
    United States

    I'm having trouble with a quest. the titled Frantick Monkeys. i have obtained the devilish sword but officer bao in ac wont accept it.please help me. what do i do.

  • Cr
      20th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    All I can really say is, " Kids these days..."

  • Ni
      10th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    katanas super

  • Do
      18th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Game has changed to "bulkers online"
    Many of the recent additions have skewed game balance very badly (Talismans, and mounts), as well as one of the actual free things: Ninja class (with an grossly overpowered skill: Toxic fog).

    TQ pays lip service to punishing botters, but, in reality, does virtually NOTHING to them: Other players must report them, the reporting takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks, IF anything is done at all. SUPPOSED to have become more strict, but, to my knowledge, the team of voulenteer gamers isn't processing reports at present. The cheating has become rampant. As a value for money game: no, I, at present could NOT condone purchasing the dragonballs from TQ. The cheaters are able to gather funds, xp, etc, well in excess of a fair player, and the setback they have is minimal, IF they're caught, processed, and finally penalised past the 3-strike rule (which seems flexible, if the player is willing to make a "bulk purchase", or TQ calls amnesty). Amnesty was recently called for a famous bot (5bot), now, the servers are packed again, with players using multiclinets, etc.

  • Hi
      12th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    A guy from Royalty_EU, Lamisto, has been crashing the server a lot lately. Apparently, he has blackmailed TQ, telling them that if they did not give him good gears, he would keep crashing the server.
    TQ finally bowed to his demands and gave him a set of +8 2soc -5 gears

    Lamisto or what ever the hackers name is... has finally put tq in their place and they have got the come up pence! they deserve this as their security and selfishness got them here. More and more customers will quit through frustration and the stories about him receiving free gear which is true with photographic evidence. TQ exploit and milk their players and they need to do something loyal to its customers and prove they consider our well being and our money.

    Conversation between Lamisto (Hip Hop) and a TQ GM, link provided by Lamisto himself * banned*

    You and the rest of the might mods have silenced, deleted, and banned all accounts/threads every time we asked a question.


    How did LaMisto get full +8s? *banned*

    Well, we now have proof. We have a conversation. Is it real? *banned*

    Can TQ please explain to us what is going on? *banned*

    Wow, Royalty_EU is now a US server? What is going on? *banned*

    All bans were temporary (7 days or so). Posting in this server is acceptable, but not in community. However posting conversations with a GM which led to major concern amongst the community was not acceptable, hence the bans. There is no evidence that any of the conversation was true.

    1st of all i want to say FAIL, BIG FAIL, nothing new that we didn`t knew already, and 2nd of all, whenever tq will e-mail u with this crap [censor] tell me, they told me like 20 times that they will get my e-mail and they will send me news, and i didn`t recived nothing, about the situation with LaMisto everybody knows it :
    Brought Down the server
    Tq Contacted him to talk with him
    After negociation he regarded full +8 2 soc -5 dmg archer set + 5k CP a week
    After pplz complains tq took his gears, the server was brought down again
    to keep the server alive and dun lose the Db Buyers Players tq switched Royalty to US, since Server 1 (The One in Hong-Kong) has a high anti-hack system and it`s rulled on all co 2.0 servers and work properly, now all Eu server are posibly to be brought down easy !
    And dun ask about adding anti-hack system to EU, cuz tq won`t do it, it`s cost way too much for only 3-4 EU Servers ... that doesn`t worth, so the story with "Data Transfer or deleting Data" are fake jokes !

    conquer online corupted company

    most common complaints include: poor communication, no customer service at all.

  • An
      11th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    It was after this that Conquer became really stupid they ban anyone and everyone and from what i can see its those that either not brought or haven't brought many tq cards l8ly, and they say u have too many players online and i find it funny as some only come on for 5 mins to enlighten others and then logged off to log another one on, and they don't check their clients like they say as got a firewall that tells me when they do as the last time they checked my systems was 2 months ago and they go and ban all mine a couple days ago. and managed to get hold of customer service (for once) which got bk to me saying i was botting as too many chars on one computer, got more then one comp as kids play co as well and got a few old comps that run players in tg, but they reckon have multi client, as each comp has its own internet id thats hard to see, but as they put the cost of botjail up to get out recently so that once they unban them they put them in there so have to pay to get them back for their incompentacy (sry can't spell lol)

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