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My husband and I will never purchase anything every again at Conn's. They started calling before the payment was late and not just once. Leagally you are only allowed to call once a day if a message is left. We were receiving messages in both english and spanish as well as text messages to my personal cell phone. They were told to stop calling but would argue over the phone and hang up on us as well as yell at us. I will never purchase anything there again and urge other people to not as well.


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      Aug 24, 2009

    wait first you said you never purchased anything from there then you said you would never purchase from them again so which is it?

    and by law a collector can call as many times in 1 day as needed to get ahold of the person in question as long as it is not before 7 am and after 10 pm monday through saturday. That is NATIONWIDE.

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      Jan 01, 2011

    Ummm, would be WRONG!!! You must work for Conn's. According to the Fair Debt Collection Act...
    804. Acquisition of location information
    Any debt collector communicating with any person other than the consumer for the purpose of acquiring location information about the consumer shall—
    (1) identify himself, state that he is confirming or correcting location information concerning the consumer, and, only if expressly requested, identify his employer;
    (2) not state that such consumer owes any debt;
    (3) not communicate with any such person more than once unless requested to do so by such person or unless the debt collector reasonably believes that the earlier response of such person is erroneous or incomplete and that such person now has correct or complete location information;
    (4) not communicate by post card;
    (5) not use any language or symbol on any envelope or in the contents of any communication effected by the mails or telegram that indicates that the debt collector is in the debt collection business or that the communication relates to the collection of a debt; and
    (6) after the debt collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney with regard to the subject debt and has knowledge of, or can readily ascertain, such attorney’s name and address, not communicate with any person other than that attorney, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to the communication from the debt collector. " 805. Communication in connection with debt collection
    (a) COMMUNICATION WITH THE CONSUMER GENERALLY. Without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction, a debt collector may not communicate with a consumer in connection with the collection of any debt—
    (1) at any unusual time or place or a time or place known or which should be known to be inconvenient to the consumer."In the absence of knowledge of circumstances to the contrary, a debt collector shall assume that the convenient time for communicating with a consumer is after 8 o’clock antimeridian and before 9 o’clock postmeridian, local time at the consumer’s location" (2) if the debt collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney with respect to such debt and has knowledge of, or can readily ascertain, such attorney’s name and address, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to a communication from the debt collector or unless the attorney consents to direct communication with the consumer; or
    (3) at the consumer’s place of employment if the debt collector knows or has reason to know that the consumer’s employer prohibits the consumer from receiving such communication.
    806. Harassment or abuse
    A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:
    (1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.
    (2) The use of obscene or profane language or language the natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.
    (3) The publication of a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting the requirements of section 603(f) or 604(3)1 of this Act.
    (4) The advertisement for sale of any debt to coerce payment of the debt.
    (5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number.
    (6) Except as provided in section 804, the placement of telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the caller's identity.

    I have been a loyal customer of Conn's since Feb 2005. I have purchased a Refrigerator, Lawn Mower, Gas Trimmer, Playstation3, and Laptop. I have never missed a payment, always paid more than the minimum payment...I had $300 left due my account and needed to purchase a couple of window AC units because my central unit went out and I could not afford 10k for a new unit. Conn's would not even finance me for the $600 it would take, even though 3 months earlier I was pre-approved for $1500 for a new washer and dryer unit. I did not buy the washer/dryer from Conn's at that time, because I actually found them cheaper and paid cash.However, because Conn's refused my credit, I will never purchase from Conn's again. I will never recommend them to any one.

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