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Conn's / theft of paid appliances

1 San Antonio, TX, United States

In July a family member purchased three new kitchen appliances for my first home. I selected a refrigerator, range, and dishwasher. All three items were on sale at very good prices. The range was the best deal at nearly half off the regular price. It was also the last one and not being replaced. The sales clerk assured us my items would be safe in the back until my house was ready (flooring was still being installed). We called a couple of times during the next few weeks leaving messages to keep in touch with the sales clerk. We spoke to him once after a family emergency on our side pushed our work on the house back a bit. He again assured us our merchandise was fine and to call when we were ready. We started calling shortly after that to set up delivery of our items. Every time we called the store, we were told the sales clerk was busy, in a meeting, on the phone, helping another customer, not in... We left message after message. We eventually started asking for someone, anyone else to help us set up a delivery. We were then told we could only talk with our sales clerk. We continued to leave messages with detailed information about the situation and call back numbers. We never heard from our sales clerk, but were assured by others everything was fine. Finally, in December we were told our clerk had been moved to another site as an assistant manager. We called that store and left messages. Finally someone told my husband on one call that our range was no longer available. I thought they were referring to the fact that the range was not being manufactured any longer, but they meant that Conn's no longer had MY range. It had been sold! The person couldn't explain how it happened and said we had to talk to our sales clerk. We had to keep calling and telling them we would take our money elsewhere to get the clerk to call us back. I then found out on the 17th that our range and dishwasher had both been removed from our package and resold! That's right folks, two of my paid appliances were stolen from my package and resold without ever calling us first. Apparantly we were getting the run around while they were trying to cover tail ends! Now all the sales clerk wanted to do was offer a substitution for the two items. That would be fine if the new items were of equal or better quality. Unfortunately the substitutions are of lesser quality than the original items. Every consumer is looking for a good deal, and I thought I had found one. If you buy a Mercedes for the price of a Kia you still expect to leave with your Mercedes, NOT the Kia. Well I bought the Mercedes for the Kia's price and now Conn's is trying to stiff me, deplete the amount of savings my original package items had created, and send me home with a Kia! They messed up. They stole my items and don't seem to be terribly concerned about it. Since they work on commission, noone wants to step on anyone else's toes to help. I have since called the corporate office along with another large appliance retailer to see if someone else can help. Christmas is rapidly approaching and I can't even cook my kids dinner!

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