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My husband, Kevin Mollard, lost his job with Flextronics on June 1st. Our coverage with Kaiser expired at the end of June. On July 8th, we signed up and paid $1313.18 online for Cobra coverage through Connexis for July. Thinking it wouldn't take more than a week, my son ordered a medication and was charged 100% for his medication due to non-coverage by Kaiser. I called Connexis and they said they had sent our information to Kaiser but would now "expedite" by sending it electronically and said they had just pushed the button. This was July 18th, 2016. So we called Kaiser and they said they hadn't received anything electronically or by email. On July 22nd, we called Connexis again and they said they had sent everything and would elevate it so that a supervisor would call Kaiser. We called Kaiser again the following Monday, July 25th 2016 and they once again told us they log all of their incoming calls and none had been made to them from Connexis. We called Connexis again that day and were basically told that Kaiser was lying to us and that they had sent everything. On July 27th we called Kaiser again and were told they still had not received anything from Connexis. This customer service rep from Kaiser said she would do a 3 way call with Connexis. As soon as we were on the line with Connexis, their rep said there was a bad connection. (yeah, right). Kaiser took our number and stayed on the line with Connexis because he could hear her fine. The Kaiser rep called us back and said she had given Connexis eligibility the email information to contact them with our stuff. Said to give it 3-5 business days and to call back if we still had not been connected to Kaiser. Today is August 3rd. It has been 5 days. Called Kaiser. Still say they have not received anything from Connexis (which has a D+ BBB rating). They said to ask Connexis for the Case ID # which is generated automatically when they receive an electronic transfer. Called Connexis, was told they had sent everything and had 2 supervisors call Kaiser. We asked for the case ID number generated by Kaiser when they sent it electronically. The Connexis rep said she didn't have it but would ask the person who is handling the case for it. But since it wasn't the end of the 3rd day, to call back tomorrow for the Case ID #. In the meantime, my family of 5 is unable to use healthcare unless we pay full price and are under the threat of not getting reimbursed for our prescriptions which we had to order. We have paid $2626.36 so far for no healthcare. Unbelieveable!!!

Aug 03, 2016

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