Confidential Contacts / Escort scam

1 United States

I took a year off from uni and was told that escorting was a good way to earn some money whilst looking for a job, then when i spoke to one of the representatives at cofidential contacts it all seemed to be above board and sounded great. i ended up paying £299 and was told that i would probably start with a client a week until i got used to it. i was told i would be meeting with someone called 'Paul' who was very wealthy and good looking, then on the day i didnt hear anything and was then told the next day that he couldn't get through to me so went with someone else!
I have since called them on numerous occasions and im always told that theyre just waiting for confirmation from someone and then will get back to me, which they never do.
I then called them this morning and now theyre trying to get me to pay an additional £100 to upgrade to an international package because apparently there are people overseas interested in my profile!! it's rediculous that they get away with this and its such a dissapointment.


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