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CONFIDENTIAL / People want something for nothing!

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I am so tired of hearing people moan and groan about insurance companies denying them services. What people fail to realize is that the bottom line with services that are not covered or denied for whatever reasons is that 9 times out of ten if a procedure or service is not covered it is the fault of the employer that group insurance policies are obtained through. A perfect case in point is Bariatric surgery I cant even tell you how many times I have talked to someone that is totally outraged over the fact that Aetna or another insurance carrier is denying a medically necessary procedure. I have never heard such a whiney society! First of all, the customer service rep that you call and yell and scream at because you need this surgery because you are morbidly obese cant do a thing to change the fact that this is not covered; Have a conversation with your employer if you are ticked that you cant have this surgery. I am the first to admit that Bariatric surgery is a necessity for some people but for all of you people out there that want to eat whatever you please and gain tons of weight and then have an invasive surgical procedure to fix it don’t expect your insurance to cover this. The deductible and co insurance rates as well as co-pays are no exception to this rule, the employer works with the health insurance carrier to put together a plan that the employer can AFFORD. In reality if they pick the lower co-pay or deductible they are going to pass that expense along to you in your premiums, then everyone will complain about their premiums, which again the health carrier has NOTHING TO DO WITH. We as a society expect that everything be free in life, especially health benefits. NEWSFLASH nothing in life is free and anything pertaining to the health care field is going to be expensive. Don’t expect to get insurance or health care for free because its not going to happen. It is very frustrating to take calls from members who are screaming and yelling at you about things that you cant change and have nothing to do with. So the next time that you get on the phone and are screaming profanities at the customer service rep think twice about where your anger should be directed. Your plan is mostly based on what your employer is willing to pay for and what they want YOUR premiums to be. Think about this, you don’t buy a car without first doing research on the vehicle luxuries and gas mileage you want to get the most for your money. When its time to renew your benefits do some research LIKE YOU WOULD ON ANYTHING ELSE YOU ARE SPENDING MONEY ON!

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