[Resolved] Condor SecurityFalse job ads/unprofessional staff

Do not work for this company the company has very rude staff when it comes to supervisors or acting sups a girl was put as acting sup when she has less then 3 years exp the girl does not answer the radio or phone period. the uniforms are a joke . YOU DONT GET YOUR REAL BADGE UNLESS YOUR FULL TIME OR AFTER 90 DAYS THE Sgts LIE TO U AND SAY THEY HAVE NO HOURS WHEN THEY DO THIS COMPANY IS AA BAD ONE

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    the company profiles people and moves up people who don't belong in a supervisor position. I was treated badly and got verbally abused by a fake supervisor you can be a sup until after 90 days which does not make sense at all. why they moved them up before then the company is very unprofoessional the cars are not clean at all the are in bad condition look other places if u want security

Jun 06, 2015

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