Concrete Coatings / Inferior Micro - Topping powders

1 Cedar City, UT, United States

Concrete Coatings (CCI) of Layton, Utah has a Micro-Topping product that is inferior and often fails. A&W has used it succesfully on a few jobs using their own proven precedures. However, upon following CCI's demands to follow their protocol, A&W did a job for a new construction Dickies Restaurant. Contractor had 3 total failures after doing an Acid Staining and mopping. The vacuum sucked up chunks of CCI Micro-Topping which delaminated without any effort. CCI blamed the installer and never takes on responsibiility for their inferior product and the loss it brings. Contractor lost huge profits in material costs, labor, and credibility. CCI is not an honest company. Buyer Beware of CCI products!!

Apr 2, 2014

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