Concrete Boom Pump Trucks / Denied Injury

1 1331 Distribution Way, Vista, CA 92081, Vista, CA, United States

Every complaints can be provided by documents. I had a long-term Carbon Monoxide Exposure over a period of 5 years do to a co-worker negligence. With many of complaints on fix it with multiple trucks that Sio operated were all rigged to leak CO into cab. Police Officer wont investigate because employer needs to file complaint. The insurance hired a suspended Dr to evaluate Mr Sio. The Industrial Relations said its not in their jurisdictions. Sio's Lawyer withheld evidence until she withdrew from case for not taking a $7'000. settlement. All documents were turned in and Sio found he had Brain Injury, Tissue Damages, Respiratory Air way Lung Disease, Dr's letter from Neuro stating work related injury, QME stating possible permanent damages related to work and needs to see toxicologist. State Bar said, Sio signed over his rights to lawyer to make decisions for Sio and Lawyer is not responsible but did not answer and ignored all complaints. OSHA stated they didn't find any paper work of Carbon Monoxide leaking but ignored the documents Sio faxed exhaust pipe leaking and order forms stating truck was leaking into cab. Sio's personal vehicle exhaust pipe are being tampered with and removed on his property. The Judge sided with the only Dr. against Sio even when he knew he was suspended. 5-years has caused sio to loose his home loose his license to child support and nearly homeless. 3-other deaths on job strongly related all males late 20's. Looking for someone to hear my story. Lawyers are willing to take case until they find its work related. Need help

Jan 31, 2015

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