Concord Financial Advisors, LLC / &Hello, this is Rachel at cardholder services& Scam

1 Tempe, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-583-1956

“Hello, this is Rachel at card account services” scam.

Ambrosia Web Design/Concord Financial Advisors, LLC

Will the real Chris Ambrosia please stand up?
Which alias name will he be using today?
Chris Ambrosia
Leroy Castine
J. Costine
J. Cestine, Lee Cestine
J. Custine
There’s a Lee Castine with a criminal record-
Ambrosia Web Design’s (AWD) collection of “affiliate companies”

Ambrosia Web Design, LLC 2906 S Revere Circle, Mesa, AZ 85210, 888, -583-1956, [protected], [protected]

AFB, LLC (website recently disappeared) 3021 S Woodruff, Mesa, AZ 85212, [protected], [protected]

Concord Financial Advisors, LLC 123 Baseline Rd, D208, Tempe, AZ [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].

CAM Services, LLC (foreign for profit shell company) 1219 N Rosemont, Mesa, AZ 85205, P.O. Box21106, Mesa, 85277, 1000 E William St #204, Carson City, NV 89701, [protected]
So, which one has the “business address” that was a vacant dirt lot?

Even after reported as using several alias names- “Leroy Castine, Chris Ambrosia, Lee Cestine”, AWD continues to operate and “Rachel-robo-call“.
Just take a look at the available online AZ Sec of State scanned documents. Forms are filled out in the same handwriting!
“Ambrosia” must have forgotten how he signed AFB LLC- “Leroy Castine”, and Concord Financial Advisors, LLC- Lee Cestine”.
Signatures are the same!!
AWD’s “Chris Ambrosia” is signed a little different, but the handwriting is the same!!
Isn’t that a Felony FRAUD?!? It certainly is from the American Consumer standpoint!!

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