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Computerace Limited positions itself as a worldwide distributor of electronics. They are posted in most of the B2B business trading sites such as Trade King, B2B Business Marketplace, etc.

The information from one of the websites that they regularly advertise on is as follows:

Brady Coleman
Job Title: Sales Manager
Location: UK - West Country
Companies from UK
Trade Leads from UK
Products from UK
Classification(s): Consumer Electronics - Game Consoles
Primary Business Type(s): Importer / Exporter
More Importers / Exporters...

This company will tell you that they will ship product to you but never fill the orders. This guy - Brady Coleman - will contact you to tell you that you need to increase your quantity ordered in order for them to fill your order that he has already committed to send to you. This will happen several times and be positioned to you that 'we made a mistake in packaging your order and my CEO will not let your order go out as placed'. Essentially, he will tell you he made a mistake and needs you to cover his *** by ordering more product than you actually want. Brady will continue to send you emails telling you 'how sorry I am' and continue to ask you to order more product than you want.

This company is major Internet Retailer Scam! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE GUYS!

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