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Here is an overview of the experience I recently had with and the local center where I attended their 'information session' I hope this would serve as a guide to help the uninformed become aware of the questionable and downright deceitful business practices this company uses to lure in potential customers.

After seeing their commercial on my local television station for what seemed a million times, I decided to actually go to their website to see what all of the hype was about. I was genuinely excited that I could finally find a place where I could get the certifications I needed for what seemed like a credible source. In the end, I was ultimately proved wrong and felt embarrassed for being reeled in by these salesmen in disguise. Once I navigated to the website, I saw the usual claims of earning great money with their program and got very excited I found a gem.

As explained on their site, they say they use three tests to determine ability and to assess personal knowledge. Well wouldn't you know it? I scored a 100% on the first test, which was so easy a 3 year old could have aced it. The second test was a little more difficult. After completing it I never received my score nor was I prompted to take the 3rd test. Instead I was asked to fill out my name and telephone number to be considered for their program. I scheduled a time to be called back in a couple of days to discuss my options with an 'admissions director'.

I'm not kidding, not even 5 minutes went by when the phone rang. I answered it and sure enough it was them. 'This is Greg Maiuri with how are you today'? What the hell, I just took the test!? He told me he was the 'assistant director of admissions' and congratulated me on getting a perfect score on the first test. This is where the hook, line and sinker began. He went on to say the national average for test two was 2/10 and I got a 4/10! Congratulations, I DOUBLED the national average! After a butt kissing session ensued to boost my ego, I agreed to come in a couple of days and talk with the 'director of admissions' himself Bryan Tolbert.

From the time I received the first call to the very hour before I was scheduled Greg and another woman, Trish McCown must have called a half dozen times to make sure I was still coming and if I was going to bring a guest. I later found out that they get commissions for each person that comes in, so that explains the phone harassment and constant hounding. On the big day of meeting with Mr. Tolbert arrived I showed up at the local CT.COM site and was expecting a one on one with him. Instead I was herded into a computer classroom with other potential customers.

I sat through a 30-minute presentation from Monica Vasquez the 'director of placement' and was bombarded with lofty statistics and promises of receiving employment after completing the program. After that Mr. Tolbert made an appearance with a carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation that played on monitors in front of us. I honestly felt like I was sitting through a high pressured sales pitch that time-share salesmen use on the unsuspecting. To keep the group focused he called out to people in the room to read the bullets of each carefully construed page: 'Certifications are the Standard', 'IT jobs are the fastest growing in the U.S.' 'IT seekers enjoy excellent job prospects over the next decade'.

Ok, I get it I thought to myself, but I thought I was going to meet with someone over my high test scores! As this painfully transparent sales pitch continued it was getting more apparent that I had made a mistake. I looked down on Mr. Tolbert's card and read: Director of Admissions Bryan Tolbert MBA. Oh God, I thought I was going to meet with a PhD or at least a certified instructor with a couple of certs behind his name. Instead I got a salesman. Sure enough as the dreaded moment approached to discuss 'tuition' I could feel the atmosphere of the room yearning to get the hell out. Then it happened. Wham!

$13, 500 was all it would cost. If I didn't happen to have that lying around in a coin jar I had the option to go with Sallie Mae and get a loan with 12 months deferment. Not only that, but I could also get a 'cosponsor' (not to be confused with a cosigner) if my credit was less than stellar. Needless to say I felt duped, ashamed, embarrassed and stupid that I got reeled into this thing and quietly made my way out and never looked back.

To have a little piece of mind I decided that I would make my experience known to those of you who are thinking of using this company. I was relieved to discover that I wasn't the only one who fell for this crap and thanked my lucky stars that I never went ahead and spent the money on them. From what I've read and heard, those unlucky enough to go through the program come out frustrated at not only failing at getting their certifications due to inadequate training, but being in debt for years upon years to Sallie Mae. Hopefully this helped all of you. Good luck and stay away from these folks. It will be the smartest thing you'll do in considering this company.


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      Oct 14, 2009

    I was going to sign up. I even went so far as to get a co-sponsor, and sign my half of the paperwork. The Sallie Mae loan was at 10% with an additional 2.6% added, (They told me that was standard.) raising it to a whopping 12.6%. Turning that $13, 500 into $33, 400 after being compounded over the 15 year term which they give. In the fine print I also noticed that it was a variable rate loan, so the intrest rate could be increased over that 15 years. I would have been better to put it on a credit card! Thank God I read the fine print!

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      Dec 29, 2009

    My son took out a $13, 000 sallie mae loan (for which I co-signed) and began classes at in king of prussia, pa on Oct. 26. Not more than 30 days into the start of the semester, he received notice that the king of prussia location was closing but was reassured by the CEO of that he and his classmates would finish all required classes at the king of prussia location and gradaute as planned in April 2010. Tonight (12/29/09) my son was informed that tonight was his last class and that the place was closing forever; no option to continue elsewhere. $13, 000 DOWN THE DRAIN AND NO "GRADUATION" FOR IT.

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      Dec 30, 2009

    Same here!

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      Dec 31, 2009

    My school did the same thing, and i was informed from another site to call your attorney general

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