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Computer Boulevard / wrong information

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Hi there, I trusted the sales manager of computer boulevard so i bought a memory card for my camera. He said it should work. When it did not work and i returned it, he did not want to give me a refund. He even signed the receipt and gave me a calling card. the card shows microsoft certified partner. I complained at the consumers bureau and Cheryl M agreed with consumers bureau to give me a refund. I went to computer boulevard, unfortunately, Cheryl was not there so i was forced to look for the intelligent Mr. sales manager. He allowed the refund but charged me a restocking fee of $5.00. Imagine, an intelligent human being telling me a product would work on my camera just to sell the item caused me time and money. Now, if we can’t trust this person with an item costing less than $40.00, what more for even more expensive items such as computers, etc. How would you expect me to say to my friends to trust this guy of computer boulevard? How would you expect me and my friends and their friends to email good things about mr intelligent of computer boulevard? If he was the sales manager, how would he train his sales representative to give the right information to the customers in contrary to what he did? Some people do not know the importance of after sales customer relationship. They don’t value long term marketing values. Why do big companies rise and fall? Should we trust this guy?

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  • In
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    i shop there alot, everytime i've been there i've gotten great customer service.

    i would suggest giving sale rep's some slack, in a situation like that its kinda hard for him to know exactly without say, seeing your camera, theres prolly alot of different types of memory for camera's etc

    the only thing that concerns me is the not allowing a refund at first, if its the wrong product, its no good to you, and if they handle it correctly you will purchase the right product from them

  • Wj
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Service is en par with most computer places, in my opinion. However, I am very upset with their "no (cash)refund" policy. Instead they give you a store credit.

    I purchased an external HD that was cooked. Did not work at all. Returned it for another, which worked all of about 15 seconds. (I'm at the opposite end of the city from them, too, so each trip costs me money.) They absolutely refused to refund my money even though I went through 2 faulty external HDs in about 26 hours. So, I'm on external HD #3.

    Our business had CBIT build a pc for us with 2x top of the line HDs that "aparently" only 1 in 1000 every burn out or are faulty. Also, a higher end external backup system. After about 7 months, BOTH HD's cooked. (1 out of 1, 000, 000 possiblility of it happening.) Actually, the arm in each one busted and scratched the crap out of the HDs where they were damaged beyond any recovery of data. That's when we found out the external Backup NEVER WORKED!! (Remember, they built it all and set it up.)

    SEVEN months of work shot with tens of thousands of dollars worth of data. Absolutely no compensation. At least they replaced the HDs and Backup. And yet they refuse to refund a $79.95 product purchased yesterday that did not work??? And we never asked for a dime compensation for the tens of thousands of dollars we lost. Faulty HDs, even at a million to one chance still happens, but they should have at least made sure the back up worked. Unacceptable.

    Not only will they never receive our business again, I imagine the word-of-mouth sent through multi-multi-million dollar corporate clients won't be very good for their business, as well. And I quietly told the manager, "I'm in advertising. Trust me! You don't want to pi** me off!" Did not matter. Policy is policy.

    Sorry, but I'm only going to be dealing with companies that guarrantee their customer's satisfaction.


  • Wj
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    CORRECTION for above WJB comment:

    Found out tonite that there was no external backup for the business pc that had both HDs ruined. My business partner corrected me saying it was the Windows backup that did not work or wasn't set right. (Mind you, I don't think it would have been useful considering both HD were toast.)

    Still, CBIT should have treated this situation better. The $79.95 money they made lost them our business and future purchases we would have made at CBIT.

    I've been considering having a new PC built (unless I decide on a Mac.), puchasing a larger monitor: 24" or so and I need a new laptop, as well. That and our business needs would make another dealer quite happy. However, anyone with a "No (cash) Refund" policy will find our "No Sale Here Then" Policy put into effect.


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