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Compuer Skills Plus / Horrible/Not Good/Dissatisfactory

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I have been attending this computer school since the second week of December and have been trying to learn Excel. The office of Vocational Rehabilitation is paying for the school due to the physical disabilities I have as well as some learning disabilities that I have caused from a nervous breakdown as well as two car accidents I was in that are not my falt as well as a home accident I was in that knocked out my knees for good never to be fixed. I have been trying to learn Excel and my instructor is making me learn what you call long "MATHMETICAL IF STATEMENTS". I have gone through the material in the book this is the 4th time now over and over and still cannot pass the test the instructor has given me and due to my disabilities that I have which are all NOT MY FALT I am still not getting these difficult and hard concepts. The test is a recipe for failure and a total setup for failure for sure. I am doing everything I can to learn it and asking the instructor over and over and over for help only to get shot down over and over and the instructor is NOT AT ALL MEETING my needs as a adult that has learning disabilities. I have a 4 year college degree but it is out the window due to my nervous breakdown, my two car accidents I have had as well as the accident I had in my home and at age 46 am having to completely start over from scratch. My instructor cannot tell me what MATHMTICAL IF STATEMENTS have anything to do with Exel. He says it has 100% to do with it and says that 92% of the people that take this test pass it. I do not believe it at all and there is no way that this can be the case based on the test that I tried to take and failed at miserably. Because I am special needs the school has done nothing to try and explain these MATHMETICAL IF STATEMENTS to me in a better way or get another teacher to explain them to me in a way that I can understand them better since I am an adult with special needs. I have tried and tried and tried and it has been a month and still cannot understand this material or pass this EXCEL test with these MATHEMATICAL IF STATEMENTS on them. My instructor cannot tell me what= $$B$24C$D$23 refers back to at all and all he says is that it REFERS BACK TO THE POD. I keep asking what this means and he cannot tell me and cannot give me the help that I deserve and need because I am a a special needs adult. All I want to say is NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER GO TO THIS school. They do not respect or will treat you the right way if you are disabled. All I know is after the end of the month thanks to VR thank God I will never be coming back to the school. They did not help me at all and treated me like I did not matter and set me up for failure giving me and others a horrible EXCEL test that I could not pass or answer any of my important questions about EXCEL and just tell me to refer to the pod or put in on the sheet what you call a MATHMETICAL IF STATEMENT not telling me what these numbers refer back to AT ALL. NEVER EVER EVER EVER GO THERE. You will be sorry and a 1000% waste of money and time and they won't care about you at all especially if you have a handicapp of any kind.

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  • Pa
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I think that it is terrible that people that are learning challenged cannot be respected at this school especially for the money that they charge. They can at least address you concerns rather than beat around the bush about it and treat you with total disrespect. I hate these jerks as much as you do and hope they go out of business for good for treating people with such total disrespect and not showing them what Excel can really do and why they are learning these MATHEMETICAL IF STATEMENTS.

  • Pa
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    I agree with you 100% about this computer school in Portland Oregon. I also am disabled and cannot get SS and have been fighting to get it for years. I have been trying to get a job for 8 months and have been talking to employers on the telephone and making calls and one employer who employs people for a call center that transports the disabled was telling me over the telephone that 1/ 4 to one half of their staff currently had gone to Computer Skills Plus and also failed miserably there on account of Ian not doing his job and playing triva all day long and NOT HELPING PEOPLE. The whole point of going to computer school is for them to teach you and not for you to have to TEACH YOURSELF. This employment recruiter told me that this school was the worst in the entire state of Oregon for schools in general. Not only do they not respect the disabled but they are also getting state and federal kickbacks for getting people to go to the school. By getting all this free money to help keep their school together why would they give a damn about trying to teach these folks. All they care about is making this kickback every month and not if people learn it or not. I think it is disgusting that Ian is actually getting paid for doing NOTHING and feel he should be fired for treating the disabled and challenged in this way. Our taxes are paying his salary-why should he give a damn? He is going to get paid no matter what. I hate Computer Skills Plus with a passion and hope they will be OUT OF BUSINESS SOON once people know what ### they really are and how they do not care about anybody especially the disabled who really need the help so they can go to school and learn so they do not have to be on the Federal Doll any more.

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